Wednesday , April 21 2021

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Tom Cruise Cans Sister As Publicist

After a year in which his public actions led many to believe he is an unstable, doctrinaire, shameless, manipulative, tawdry, manic, controlling publicity-monger, Tom Cruise has hired a new publicist to replace his sister and fellow-Scientologist Lee Anne DeVette, after apparently being rubuffed in efforts to fire himself. For example, …

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Success of 24 Creating New Genre

The tense, taut and remarkably well-sustained season 4 of 24 comes out on DVD next month, and the success of seasons 1-3 on DVD — over 4 million copies sold thus far — is breaking down conventional wisdom about the economics of “single-story line” series, opening up the door to …

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The Vatican vs. The Fight Network

Interesting timing: last week Civilta Cattolica (Catholic Civilization), the journal of the Italian Jesuit order that reflects the official view of the Vatican, said boxing goes against “natural and divine” principles, and is a “legalized form of attempted murder, in the short or in the long run,” citing the deaths …

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Preschool PBS KIDS Sprout Channel Debuts

All preschool, all the time – our almost-2 year old will likely burst with programming-induced joy. PBS announced this week the launch of a new 24/7 preschool channel, called PBS KIDS Sprout, available on digital cable and satellite, and a companion website, which are “dedicated to offering little ones safe, …

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The 57th Emmy Awards

In some ways the Emmy Awards for excellence within the television industry bring up the rear among the four major awards shows. The Oscars, Grammys, and Tonys all have a glitz and performance appeal beyond the Emmys, which is essentially a TV show about TV. Nonetheless, this year’s show has …

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Jackson’s New King Kong Rampaging With Help of Corp Partners

The newly svelte Peter Jackson’s remake of King Kong, his first film since the brobdingagian Lord of the Rings trilogy, is now within sniffing distance (if you are downwind), with worldwide release due December 14, 2005. Like Rings, shot in his native New Zealand and co-written by Jackson, Fran Walsh …

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