Tuesday , March 2 2021

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Oscar Quotes

Pithy statements from the winners at the The 78th Annual Academy Awards.

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Oscars: The 78th Annual Academy Awards Finally Upon Us

After what seems like the most protracted build-up since the 100 Years War, the Academy Awards for outstanding film achievements of 2005 will finally be presented tomorrow at the Kodak Theatre on the corner of Hollywood and Highland, and televised live by the ABC Television Network beginning at 5 p.m. …

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Arrested Development: Too Big For Niche, Too Small For Mass?

I loved the first season of Arrested Development in ’03-’04; the particularity of its absurdity was sharp and richly detailed rendering its inventive satire on American values, the idle rich, the formerly idle rich, the formerly rich but still idle, and intra-family relationships telling as well as hilarious. The show …

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