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Blogcritics is an online magazine covering the arts, culture and society. Blogcritics is also an interactive community in which writers and readers from around the globe talk about popular culture, news, issues, and products. If it’s happening in the world – from global political issues to obscure rock bands, from the latest best-selling novel to the TV shows that aired last night – there’s a good chance Blogcritics has it covered.

Blogcritics gives writers the opportunity to gain an exponentially higher level of visibility (and thus, traffic and search rank) than they could ever achieve through their home blog or website alone. And Blogcritics editors work with member writers to hone their skills and reach “the next level.” Blogcritics writers also enjoy access to a vast array of review materials, including books, music, DVDs and Blu-rays, games, film screenings, and concert and theater tickets. Blogcritics is an official Google News source, syndicates content to online editions of newspapers, and has won numerous awards.

Founded in 2002 by broadcaster and journalist Eric Olsen, Blogcritics has evolved over the years from a loose group-blogging community to the selective, fully edited online magazine it is today. The original focus on product reviews quickly expanded to include news, interviews, and opinion articles. Further increasing its range over the past several years, Blogcritics is commissioning an increasing number of feature articles and interviews. Still the only publication of its kind, redesigned and relaunched in 2013 with a friendlier layout and an easier interface for writers, Blogcritics continues to grow and to penetrate ever deeper into into the culture and marketplace of words and ideas.