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One Way Ride penned nine songs about a diversity of relatable topics such as mistakes, lost love, and new opportunities.

Music Review: One Way Ride – ‘Put Me On’ EP

One Way Ride 'Put Me On'Quintet One Way Ride released in July 2016 a nine-track EP titled Put Me On. Denver (Colorado) based Lyle Work (lead vocals, harmonica, guitar), Mavin Brakes (guitar, vocals), Laura Rose, (harmony, keyboards), Jannus Blackseed (bass), and Tank Adams (drums) put together the sounds of old school rock and roll with soulful blues, penning songs about a diversity of relatable topics such as mistakes, lost love, and new opportunities.

“Devil’s Eyes” opens with an electric guitar playing a catchy and toe-tapping melody. Work and Rose’s vocals, which border at times on just plain sassy, seem to be joining forces in a song that is pure rock and roll. The drums and the guitars seem to fill every available auditory space available to them without overwhelming the senses. The ballad “Lie to Me” opens in a similar fashion. Rose’s vocals here serve to emphasize Works’. Its rock and roll vibe has a soulful edge, and the entire thing is one of the more stripped tracks on the EP, with chugging guitars carrying it forward.

The ballad “Waiting” seems to put on hold the band’s typical formula. An acoustic guitar carries a slow tempo melody with Rose’s vocals gently shadowing Works’. It’s a slow and intimate folk rock number, soothing and relaxing and inviting, yet passionate and energizing. The driving electric guitar in “1100 Miles” makes for one of the most energetic and dynamic tracks on Put Me On. To the familiar sounds of this band are added touches of psychedelic rock. The slow “Man I Am” is very emotive; Work and Rose engage in a duet that makes both their vocal skills shine.

“Under Your Spell” is the longest number on this EP and yet manages to not drag on and on. Both its melody and lyrics are engrossing and sticky. All these tracks can be streamed on Bandcamp. More information about One Way Ride is available on both the band’s official website and its Facebook page.

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