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Joe Millionaire Goes Disney

For a show whose premise was to turn the tables on grasping gold diggers by faking a $50 million fortune, Joe Millionaire sure went the way of a Disney fairy tale at the end. The masquerading lummox had to choose between Sarah the bitch, and Zora the schoolteacher: sophisticated, blonde, smoker, slutty foot fetish model vs. simple, raven-haired, do-gooder, animal-loving, virtuous instructor of youth.

Evan, who gave up a glamorous life as an underwear model for his love of dirt, went with Belle/Snow White/Aurora/Cinderella/Ariel/Zora, and then butler Paul handed over a check for a cool million. I watched the last 15 minutes – that was enough.

My wife and son sat through the whole thing:

    Evan chose Zora and for all the right reasons. She is sweet, sincere, genuine, thoughtful, compassionate and he KNEW she liked him for him, not his money.

    That tells me something very significant about Evan. He is not as dumb as he seems. It takes a certain intelligence to see into someone’s soul and he gambled that Zora was the kind of person who would accept him for all of his unrefined charm WITH or WITHOUT the money.

    And of course, he was right.

    Sarah on the other hand played her cards exactly as one would expect. She in selfish, unscrupulous, manipulatively randy and cynical.

    ….Snotty bitches don’t get da riches!

Check out her comments secton for answers to all of life’s questions.

Hey, next week we get to see if they could actually (last night’s show was taped in November) stand each other:

    For his part, Evan redeemed himself quite nicely in the end. There was something unexpectedly sweet about his awkward speech to Zora, his simple final statement that ”I’ve chosen you,” his clear remorse about his big lie.

    Would she stick with him anyway? Of course. She was the nice one. Would they walk away millionaires anyway? Of course. Fox had promised a twist.

    And does their new relationship have a chance? Beyond their previous poverty and newfound wealth, they clearly have some common ground.

    ”I have big knuckles,” she told him, as he slipped a ring on her finger.

    ”I have big knuckles, too,” he replied.

    It’s a sign that something special is about to begin. [Boston Globe]

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