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Jackson Camp Responds

The Jackson family – after 40 years in showbiz and with a who’s who list of friends and acquaintances – has chosen … … Firpo Carr to speak for them regarding the scabrous allegations made against Michael in the new Vanity Fair by Jackson nemesis Maureen Orth.

Um, Firpo Carr?

    Firpo Carr, a Jackson family friend, told reporters that the Gloved One’s parents and siblings are outraged by a Vanity Fair article out this week that reports Jackson provided young children with wine he referred to as “Jesus juice” or “Jesus blood.”

    Carr charged Vanity Fair writer Maureen Orth with including false statements and allegations in her article without attribution.

    “We find it curious that this article appears when Michael’s legal team cannot respond to this yellow journalism because of a gag order,” Carr said.

    ….Vanity Fair issued a terse statement in support of its story, saying only: “Vanity Fair stands by Maureen Orth’s Michael Jackson story. The article underwent rigorous fact-checking and legal vetting.”

    Carr did admit that Jackson had been in and out of rehab in attempts to kick his painkiller addiction. The Vanity Fair piece included an anecdote from a former Jackson employee stating that Jackson once collapsed to the floor of a plane as a result of sipping Jesus juice and popping pills.

    ….It’s not the first time Orth has crossed the Jackson machine. In a article written for Vanity Fair last year, she alleged, among other nuggets, that Jackson bleaches his skin because he doesn’t like being black; that he wears a prosthetic nose tip; and that he cursed enemies such as Steven Spielberg and David Geffen in a Swiss voodoo ritual. [E! online]

So Mr. Carr admits the part about drugs is true. I am torn almost right down the middle: I want to be fair and responsible and assume “innocent until proven guilty” and always use the word “alleged” regarding the assertions against Jackson, but there is so much we DO know that is bizarre, disingenuous, irresponsible, misguided, and when the family offers up an almost laughably tepid defense against these kind of explosive allegations (of which they admit the drug-addiction part is true) in the person of … … Firpo Carr, the writing between the lines looms perilously large.

I would be so much more inclined to give Jackson the benfit of the doubt if he had just once come clean about anything and taken some measure of responsibility for his actions. This is a man who still denies having more than four plastic surgeries, who can’t deal with ANY problem until forced to by legal action of one kind or another. My guess is that if he is found guilty of any of the crimes with which he is currently charged, there will be a total collapse and the puddle that remains will be carted off to the loony bin. And his fans will still “support” him, whatever the hell that means.

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