Sunday , November 21 2021


Blogcritics on Michael Jackson, Expatriate

Michael Jackson couldn’t stand the heat and so he went some place hotter: Bahrain. After he was found not guilty of child abuse and conspiracy charges in June, Jackson left his Neverland home in Santa Barbara County and went on a little jaunt to the Middle East with the three …

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Thanksgiving Travel Up Slightly This Year

For the first time in years, my parent’s house in Northeast Ohio will not be the fulcrum of extended Olsen family Thanksgiving activity because we are all gathering at an undisclosed arid locale in December for a Christmas hoohaw in just a few weeks and the Virginia and California branches …

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Airline Passenger Survey Paints Grim Picture

A major survey of regular travelers and travel professionals about their air travel experiences during the past year revealed very little good news for the beleaguered airline industry. Zagat’s 2005 report on 22 domestic and 55 international carriers — rating them on issues such as service, comfort, food, and website …

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