Wednesday , August 5 2020

Science and Technology

Book Review: ‘Machines That Think: The Future of Artificial Intelligence’ by Toby Walsh

Many of us are worried that our jobs may be replaced by Artificial Intelligence, but the bigger question is this: Will thinking machines be the last innovation that the human race has to make for itself?

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Book Review: ‘My Cognitive autoMOBILE Life: Digital Divorce from a Cognitive Personal Assistant,’ by Sebastian Wedeniwski and Stephen Perun

'My Cognitive autoMOBILE Life' is a fascinating insider's look at the future of cars. Hint: they're nothing like your parents' Buick, and they're smarter than your smartphone. Authors Sebastian Wedeniwski and Stephen Perun do a great job painting a clear picture of the cars that come next — for businesses and consumers.

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Adobe MAX: Creativity, Software, Hardware and ‘Alice in Wonderland’

Adobe MAX

Besides classes, workshops, and presentations, a key element of Adobe MAX is the Community Pavilion. It’s a trade show for companies that make Adobe related hardware and software, and other products that make things easier for or inspire users. It is also a lounge for attendees. They have walls you can draw on and, no, your mother does not yell at you. You can watch web podcasts being created live, read and buy books, get your social media portrait taken, hang out in a simulated campground next to an Airstream RV, and party.

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