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Gadget Review: ROXs 2S Interactive Technology Set

The A-Champs ROXS 2S, available exclusively at, is a great option to video games where users only sit and watch the screen. This entertaining product gets one or more people of all ages moving with a nice mix of new experiences and playground classics. Big groups of participants will obviously need a bigger space, which is a perfect reason to go to the local community park.

The A-Champs ROXS 2S connects to a free app (iOS and Android), so there is no need for a screen. It’s best to keep a tech savvy participant in charge of the base and app use on the mobile device.

Closely related to the ROXS 2, this fun system supplies up to several hours per charge of the integrated li-ion battery. Yes, wireless charging is an option. The RFID technology and Bluetooth enabled features, speakers, and multi-function sensors elevate interactivity to new high levels. The multi-color RGB LED lights provide functionality and appeal.

These fun experiences can be enjoyed inside or outdoors thanks to durable components and decent connectivity. Tough use is no problem here as the A-Champs ROXS 2S is made from durable, shock resistant material used in fighter jets. The base included a speaker and glowing light, which adds considerable appeal.

Connectivity can be a challenge for outside play, but we did not encounter any issue when keep the app-activated device within about 30 yards of the base. Only real issue was getting a call on an Android app that ended the interactive experience.

This system also include eight bright yellow PEBBs, which resemble a very durable guitar pick and have various animal characters printed on them. The PEBBS also contain an RFID chip and a QR code on the outside. The PEBBs work better for older kids who can find them easier and more consistently, so if you want to spend less time searching and more time using the ROXS 2S be sure to note your PEBB placements.

The interactive options are numerous and fun for all ages. These introduction and five included experiences vary in several categories (length, skill level, etc.). Hide and seek was fun plus a sit-down experience for younger players where they tap the base with a PEBB that makes the corresponding animal sound. Players can easily get creative with the same experiences.

For example, want to try this one for older kids? Just place the base and PEBBS far apart. When the base makes a noise, participants must race to grab the corresponding tile and tap the base with the correct PEBB.
The best option we experienced was creating a story then scanning the PEBBs in order, then participants repeat the story back before finding then scan each PEBB in the order of the story. It’s great skill building in memory, cognitive, and, obviously, physical quickness and agility. A unique experience that really created great family memories that were shared at the dinner table that night. New experiences are added every month without any subscription fee.

All these carefully tested materials focus on safety. The design also include anti-slip feet made from rubber so the system base can stay stationary yet remain mobile for fast paced use. Care is minimal and includes basic spot or wipe cleaning on the base/PEBB surfaces.

Users are only limited by their imagination here. Accessories for the base include a special band where users can tie it to a tree, other object, or even a person, which creates even more fun possibilities like a chase within a chase where participants race to get the PEBB then have to chase down the base as well. Also, try transplanting everyone to a big trampoline then watch them all laugh uncontrollably as they try to grab PEBBS with everyone jumping and the base attached on the side.

A-Champs ROXS 2S is a great value at $99, especially with exciting possibilities of limitless, free experience coming every month. The recommended (*** out of four stars) A-Champs ROXS 2S ships in two days.

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