Tuesday , May 28 2024

Corporations/Clear Channel Killed The Radio Star

I have never heard a larger pile of crap than what I just subjected myself to a few minutes ago.

On NPR’s “Talk of the Nation”, host Neal Conan had on guests discussing commercial radio and the transformation it has gone through since deregulation in 1996. One of the guests was the president and CEO of one of the bigger radio corporations that owns more that one station in a given market. I am sure Neal tried to get Clear Channel, but since they are babyseal beating Nazis, they were not about to participate in what turned out to be a “Corporate Radio Rules” fest. Thank God Neal was at least asking some interesting questions, although the answers were PURE propaganda.

This business man went on to discuss how corporate radio has given back to the community and that the fact that they are able to own more than one station in a given market has improved the quality of radio.

Sure it has. Sure they did.

Then, the final insult was a Program Director from the same company in the Seattle market had the FUCKING nerve to LIE – really big fat smelly lies by saying he was “ignorant” about the idea of corporate playlists. That in fact, he himself created his station’s playlists – because – listen to this – his passion for music would not allow him to be so confined.

What a load of horseshit. When Neal asked him what obligation commercial station had to help promote local acts, there was more dissembling and veering wildly from the truth. He spewed on and on about how local stations were helping break new artists into the recording industry. YEAH, he could name four examples that spanned over the last seven years. What was so annoying about this tool, was the overt and pre-planned speeches he was giving and his “shock and outrage” that there were people in the world who were dissatisfied with current radio formats and that people thought those formats were BLAND and HOMOGENIZED.

I KNOW FOR A FACT, that playlists are NOT to be deviated from EVER, unless of course you A.) Want to lose your job immediately or B.) have a specialty show and that has to be set in stone and approved of in advance before you take the air.

Only truly “local” stations not owned by these huge corporations have any say in what they play. Sure they play the Top 40 shit that the record companies are forcing down our throats, telling us are good and subliminally programming our musical tastes, but they also play new stuff and local acts. That’s what I want to hear.

It’s a sham, and they are in bed with the record labels and that is why much of the music you hear on these pre-programmed stations are so crappy. It’s not about quality, it’s about what the labels have paid for and now want you to pay for. If they play enough, you will think it’s good and oddly enough you will find yourself buying it.

Do yourself a favor, turn off the damn radio. It’s nothing but garbage, run by business men looking to steal your money and NOBODY but the labels and the executives are making any money.

Thanks Clinton, thanks a lot for ruining radio, you asshole.

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