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When he said, "Here are the Jonas Brothers" we started screaming, really screaming! I mean we were there in that rain only for them.

Concert Review: Jonas Brothers at Jones Beach, NY – 8/22/10

Would you wait in the pouring rain for twenty minutes to see a musical group perform? Well, back in my time I probably would have done that to see the Beatles and Led Zeppelin, and my Mom told me about the extraordinary measures she and her friends took to see Frank Sinatra, so I am not surprised that my daughter was totally willing to weather the storm – and then some – to see her favorite group, the Jonas Brothers, perform live at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, NY.

Jones Beach Theater is an ideal location to see a concert, providing that the weather is cooperating. I’ve seen a number of shows there, and the sound is excellent and the backdrop of the ocean is truly lovely; however, it was anything but for my wife and daughter Lauren, my wife’s sister, and Lauren’s three cousins. On this dark and oh so stormy night they braved the elements to see the Jonas Brothers and they were not disappointed.

What follows is nine-year-old Lauren’s review of the concert in her own words.

“Jo Bro Night” by Lauren

So my cousins Tanina, Marina, and John and me with our moms went to the Jo Bro concert. They’re also known as the Jonas Brothers. Demi Lovato and the cast of Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam were also there. It was a really rainy night, of course on the concert day.

We all went to our seats about twenty minutes before show time. We were worried that lightning would come and we would have to go home, but none ever came, so the show went on.

When it started, nobody in my family knew who the girl was on the stage, but then after she said her name, it popped into my head: Alyson Stoner. I love her! She told us all about the new Disney movie Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam and her other new movie Step Up 3D. I didn’t even know she was in that.

Then she sang a song she wrote, but after that and a BOOM of thunder, the Camp Rock cast came out and took the stage with Alyson. They sang some songs from the movie and then Demi Lovato came out and sang her songs “Here We Go Again,” “Get Back,” and “Don’t Forget.” She had some help from the Jonas Brothers with her first album you know.

Then we had a big break so they could clean the stage. It felt like 80,000 minutes. Then finally the Jo Bro’s manager came out and said he was their manager. When he said, “Here are the Jonas Brothers” we started screaming, really screaming! I mean we were there in that rain only for them.

They sang some of their best songs like “SOS,” “Love Bug,” and “The Year 3000” and many, many more songs. At one point Joe gave Nick a chance to sing his Camp Rock song, but he gave him only two minutes and twenty seconds and timed him, but Nick played it so fast and he did it.

At the very end they said this was their favorite show on the tour. We all clapped and screamed for them, and it was over and we ran in the rain through the parking lot. My cousins and I saw Demi, Joe, and Kevin plus Nick going on their tour bus with the police cars blocking them.

When we got home we had to use a lot of towels to dry off, and we had to peel our clothes off because they were so wet. I put my PJs on and went to bed thinking that even with the rain that was the best day of my life, and it had to be the best Jonas Brothers concert ever!


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