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Eat & Beat Diabetes is a colorful combination health management guide for diabetics and weight loss book.

Book Review: Eat & Beat Diabetes with Picture Perfect Weight Loss by Dr. Howard M. Shapiro and Franklin Becker

As people diagnosed with diabetes juggle their food intake and portion sizes, they are faced with critical decisions all day.

  • Which would you rather have: One bite of a bacon cheeseburger, or, for the same calories, an entire veggie burger on a bun?
  • Or Chinese food take-out of egg roll, orange beef and fried rice with 63 grams of fat, or vegetable dumplings, chicken with vegetables and white rice, totaling just 15 grams of fat?

Eat & Beat Diabetes with Picture Perfect Weight Loss: The Visual Program to Prevent and Control Diabetes walks us through the daily choices that can  keep us healthy and balance blood sugar levels, which are so critical for diabetes management. The nutrients that help fight diabetes are available to everyone, and authors Dr. Shapiro and Franklin Becker, a New York chef and a diabetic, give you an optimistic view toward your choices in health management.

Eat & Beat Diabetes is all about healthy eating for life. The book includes full-page, full-color comparison photos showing portion sizes, charts showing the trade-off in fat, calories, and fiber, along with recipes, meal plans, even restaurant menus. The book’s introduction provides a good overview of the disease. Dr. Shapiro offers strategic ways to “Beat Diabetes,” and his food pyramid is a guide to making the right choices to lose weight and control or prevent diabetes.

Shapiro's “Four Phenoms” are the secret weapons in healthful nutrients: fiber, phytonutrients, soy protein, and good fats. You’ll also learn that protein is important, but that excess protein can be harmful, especially red and processed meats.

In fact, instead of keeping Eat & Beat Diabetes on your shelf, you might want to keep it on your table. It’s an excellent reminder of all the healthful disease-fighting foods available to all of us, and Shapiro’s perspective helps keep us in balance.

The shopping and cooking are still up to you, but better health and weight control are a great reward.

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