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In his new book, veteran mob movie actor Frank Vincent makes an offer no real "Man's Man" can refuse.

Book Review: A Guy’s Guide To Being A Man’s Man by Frank Vincent

Okay guys, listen up. Because it’s time to Man Up. And who better to teach the finer points — the ins and outs if you will — of being a “man’s man” than veteran mob guy character actor Frank Vincent?

You may not know the name Frank Vincent, but you’ll know the face the second you see him smoking a cigar on the cover of his new book. You see, Frank Vincent has played more wise guys in mob movies than you can shake a loaded gun at.

As Billy Batts in Martin Scorsese’s mob classic Goodfellas, Vincent infamously tells fellow wise guy Joe Pesci’s character to “Go home and get your shinebox.” More recently as Johnny Sack’s captain Phil Leotardo on HBO’s The Sopranos, Vincent is the perennial thorn in Tony Soprano’s ass.

Tony Soprano himself, James Gandolfini, repays the favor to Vincent here by writing the introduction to Vincent’s book, the ultimate how to guide to achieving true manliness in an Alan Alda world. There are also some great interviews here with Vincent’s “man’s man” pals like Steven Van Zandt, James Caan, and Vincent “Big Pussy” Pastore. Frank Vincent doesn’t just “talk the talk,” he “walks the walk” – both on and off screen.

Here he schools you in all aspects of being a “Man’s Man.” Now if you are already a graduate of “Man’s Man 101” (and what real man would admit otherwise?), not to worry: A Guy’s Guide To Being A Man’s Man, at 250 pages, is also a very quick and often hilarious read.

It’s all here. Like the right movies for a “man’s man” to watch, including lists on the best westerns, war, sports, and of course, gangster flicks. There’s even a section on “chick flicks.” It simply reads, “I don’t think so.”

From winning big in Vegas to getting past the Velvet Rope of “King” the Doorman at that exclusive New York nightclub, Frank Vincent reveals that being a “man’s man” is all in the attitude.

In the section on music, Vincent rates a top 15 “man’s man” musicians which include the usual suspects like Sinatra and Tony Bennett, as well as such unlikely inclusions as Bruce Springsteen and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. (“His lips have been a helipad for some of the most beautiful women in the world.”)

Vincent also rates the best driving songs, the best drinking songs, and — of course — the best (Chris Issak’s “Wicked Game”) and worst (Jimmy Buffet’s “Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw”) songs to make love by.

Vincent doesn’t miss a trick here. From what a “man’s man” eats, smokes, and drinks (real men prefer martinis and only imported beer) to the way he dresses, accessorizes, and grooms himself. (Be sure to get those nails clipped and manicured fellas.)

He covers all of the bases in A Guy’s Guide To Being A Man’s Man. And speaking of bases, you’ll never make it past the first one without reading the essential advice here on how to get her digits. For instance, when approaching a group of girls in a club, a man’s man will never say “You should tell me your girlfriend’s name before we have the threesome.” Even if that’s what he is thinking.

Oh, and guys, here’s another piece of advice: If you do get that “special someone” home after a night of partying at the nightclub, don’t leave this book out on the coffee table. Probably better to hide it in a safe place. Like right next to that secret porn stash of yours.

Seriously though, A Guy’s Guide To Being A Man’s Man is a great and very fun read. Now go home and get your shinebox.

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