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John Lennon Finally Freed By the FBI

Historian Jonathan Wiener, a professor at the University of California, Irvine, has finally freed the last 10 pages of the FBI’s secret files on John Lennon, 21 years after his effort began: U.S. District Judge Robert Takasugi rejected government arguments Tuesday that releasing the last 10 pages would pose a …

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Sobering Bono

U2 has a new album coming out in November (Brendan Creecy reviews the single “Vertigo” here, Damon Muma here), was just nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but Bono has other things besides music on his mind – he spoke at the UK Labour Party Conference yesterday: …

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National Treasure for Thanksgiving

Treasure! Knights! Founding Fathers! High tech capers! Secrets spanning centuries! Wow – that’s the most ripping trailer (WM) (Real) (QuickTime) I’ve seen in a long time. My heart is pounding, my eyes twitching, my imagination fired (I’ve GOT to get into PR one of these days). I’m not kidding, National …

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Talking With Studs

I recall the gut-punch impact Studs Terkel’s book Working had on me when I read it as a teenager: I had never realized so many people actually worked in “menial” jobs, nor that there is dignity and self-respect in dong ANY job well. It meshed neatly with my understanding of …

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Reginald R. Robinson: Congrats, You’re a Genius

How strange and cool is this? One of this year’s MacArthur Foundation Fellows is ragtime pianist and composer Reginald R. Robinson. Robinson will receive $500K in support over the next five years. The “genius grant” underscores the importance of the creative individual in society. Based on originality, creativity, and the …

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Nipplegate Comes to Fine Conclusion

The shoe has finally fallen in the Janet Jackson Super Bowl halftime exposure affair, with the FCC fining CBS $550K for “allowing” the indiscretion (I’m not sure how they could have prevented it short of divine intervention). Does anyone remember what happened? It seems years ago, the halftime show at …

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