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Treating Pain: A New Ontology is Needed

Progressing to a new Ontology

Thinking that pain is in the brain impels doctors to look for a physical cause for pain, says Dr. Alex Cahana. When one isn’t found, “It’s all in your head” is often what a patient will be told. Read More »

Thinking Outside the Brain About Health Care

@Glowimages: Close-up of a young woman sitting

The idea that consciousness is not in the brain and the positive impact spirituality can have on health are both gaining ground. Read More »

Health Consciousness: Working Together

Changing the approach to health and healing by including a new concept of oneness among the individual and his relationship with those in his world. Read More »

Health Goals: Developing an Awareness of Alternatives

An awareness (consciousness) on the part of the public is developing about the importance of a different type of health care. Read More »

The Brain: Is it the Source of Health?

Is there value in looking for the source of consciousness outside biomedical and body-based research? Read More »

Book Review: New Self, New World: Recovering our Senses in the Twenty-first Century by Philip Shepherd

Can joyful living be found within the higher intelligence of the lower regions of our own body? Read More »

Collective Consciousness: A Study in Words

All about consciousness - the mysterious thing we are - in connection with the spiritual year: seasons, festivals, and all of life. Read More »

Medical Breakthroughs… From The Trash?

Sometimes medical breakthroughs turn up in the most unlikely places… even the discard pile! Read More »

The Source and Potential of Consciousness

Where does consciousness come from? And where is it leading us? According to this blogger, quite possibly to better health! Read More »

Spirituality Keeps Women – and Men – Happy, Healthy, and Whole

Thoughts – not just things – are key to gaining and maintaining health. Read More »