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Book Review: ‘The Answer is Energy’ by Jarrad Hewett

If you’re looking for a book by a passionate author-healer who wants to help you transform your life without having to dismantle it first, this book is for you. Jarrad Hewett offers the way forward in his new book, The Answer is Energy: A 30-Day Guide to Creating Your Ideal Life, Embracing True Abundance, and Knowing Your Worth From Within (Morgan James Publishing, March 12, 2019).

This is an exuberant guidebook to self-transformation. In thirty chapters, it present a powerful roadmap readers can follow to achieve true abundance, productivity, and joy.

Hewett is an empath: he can feel what others are feeling, a gift that took a toll on him as a young boy. He tells the poignant story of knowing, somehow, that he was empathic, but having to hide it from the conservative town he grew up in. Being a sponge for all manner of other people’s pain (he did not yet know how to “flip a switch” as he writes), and of imposing so much self-denial on himself was crippling.

By grade school he was obese, and by college he suffered from severe depression and a malfunctioning heart. He was so convinced he was broken that his heart literally began to break. And in a moment of utter despair, he gave up fighting. He just let go. As soon as he did, he also came to a profound realization: he had to be himself — and acknowledge that incredible energy he felt all around him.

As he writes, “The energy source that fuels the overwhelming feeling or thought that says, “I’ve had it. I want to give up. I can’t do this anymore.” is the same beautiful energy source that empowers us to change that belief radically. We always have the power to redirect the energy – channeling its frequency out of the darkness and into the light.”

The book is about giving readers the power to shift in the light, just as he did. We can shift from just pretending to aligning with our true intentions; from stifling creativity to welcoming it, from worrying about the future to living fully in the present. The result isn’t just happiness, according to Hewett. When we dismantle those emotional walls and open our hearts we will enjoy greater productivity, abundance, and love.

The book isn’t just a treatise, though: it’s a practical resource, filled with advice, tips, and strategies. Early on, there’s a very relateable discussion in which the tables are turned: teacher is still student. He is just learning how to work with his own energy, still in the very beginning stages of his career.

During a workshop with a close friend and colleague, he participates in an exercise called “I’m so excited,” in which each person tells the world how excited they are to achieve something (hypothetically), such as winning the lottery or acing a job interview.

Hewett recalls feeling ridiculous as he’s making his declarations, as did the others in the group. But, as he says, a change began to take hold. As everyone allowed themselves the space and freedom to imagine experiencing something truly wonderful, the room was filled with joyful energy. The sense of incredible possibility opened everyone up, and the breakthroughs began.

Other exercises include learning how to “set down our stories,” and stop repeating the same reasons for our lives being stuck. For instance, saying I can’t because I’m damaged, I can’t because I’m broken, I’m hurt and so I don’t want to…  As Hewett keeps saying throughout the book, the choice is ours to make: Either connect with the incredible energy inside of us, or stay stalled, passive, and thwarted by our inner programming.

There’s even a chapter on removing clutter, in which Hewett puts the spotlight on what messiness really represents, and how it works on us: “Clutter is not just random French bulldog tchotchkes and piles of unworn workout clothes. Clutter is an outward reflection of our inner world.”

Whether or not a reader wants to do the entire program set forth in these pages within a short span of 30 days is a personal decision. However you approach it, there’s plenty to digest, including the author’s very personal storytelling that sets every strategy in context. And however long it takes, the journey within The Answer is Energy is filled with wisdom, upbeat language, warmth and loads of encouragement.

Hewett is also a professional voiceover artist with a stellar resume, and here he’s found a voice that engagingly combines coaching, wisdom, and enthusiasm. If you’re looking for a compelling restart for the new year, whether to reframe the way you think about love, money, life or yourself, you may find it in this book.

For more about Jarrad Hewett, visit his website.

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