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In this adrenaline pumping episode Jack Bauer returns (finally) to the field.

TV Review: ’24: Live Another Day’- Team Bauer-Morgan and Traitor Is Revealed

kate13Monday marked the half-way point of this season of 24 Live Another Day, and it was another kick-ass, adrenaline pumping episode as Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) returned to the field. Fans were on the edge of their seats during “Bower Power Hour,” riddled with trepidation, followed by dread as Team Bauer-Morgan’s plan completely fell apart! Not only that, in true 24 form, the mole is identified and it’s not who I was expecting!

We left off last week with all parties involved aware that terrorist Margot Al-Harazi (Michelle Fairley) has control of six U.S. drones, threatening to unleash hell on London if President Heller (William Devane) doesn’t give himself up. She already engaged one drone to attack CIA Agents who tracked a bogus IP address.

With five drones headed straight for London, and a sixth already in the city’s air space, the episode begins with President Heller authorizing Jack’s request for provisional reinstatement until Margot Al-Harazi is caught. Heller clues Navarro (Benjamin Bratt) in on the covert operation, which is to be completely off the record, including surveillance and not only that, but Jack wants Agent Kate Morgan (Yvonne Strahovski) as back up. Though Navarro informs the President that she has been relieved of her duties, set to return to the U.S., Heller orders she also be reinstated for this operation. “Jack wants her, Jack needs her, Jack gets her,” Heller demands.

The quickest way to obtain the most current location for Al-Harazi is via bank records, exchanges between Margot and the arms dealer she’s been working with. To that end, Jack plans to get the arms dealer, Karl Rask (Askel Hennie) to access his account so Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) can analyze transaction data.

Kate meets Jack to discuss the specifics of the operation. He reveals he has been working for the past two years with Rask and they have to convince him that a man named Nills (who is dead), was the leak that kate7led to losing their deal. Where does Agent Morgan fit in? She’s the bait to gain Rask’s trust. Jack will claim he’s captured the CIA contact that Nills was working with that betrayed the arms dealing group.

Reluctantly, though realizing if they go through with this ruse both could die, Morgan agrees to it and Jack injects her with Propofol hoping if she’s unconscious she won’t be interrogated. With no agency back up or surveillance tracking them, Jack’s friend Belcheck (Branko Tomovic) will cover Kate from across the building, ready to take a shot.

Meanwhile tensions rise as the President tries to placate Prime Minister Davies (Stephen Fry), who is appalled to learn that someone with kate8multiple international warrants is set to spearhead the operation to locate Margot. Though Davies agrees to give Heller’s covert operation an hour, the British leader becomes alarmed when Davies’ secretary informs Heller may be taking medication for Alzheimer’s Disease. Distressed at this development, feeling his country is in severe jeopardy, he orders his own MI5 operation and requests they follow Team Bauer-Morgan.

Last week Naveed (Sacha Dhawan) was Margot’s latest casualty in her mission of revenge. Though Simone is clearly disturbed by what she just witnessed, as they begin to cart off the body, Naveed’s cell phone rings and Margot learns he was planning to leave town with his sister, Farah (Tehmina Sunny). Unnerved by this, Margot fears the turncoat spilled her entire plan. She orders Simone to find out just how much she knows and to “take care of the problem.” Ian questions Simone’s ability to handle the new orders and quickly fmargo2eels the sting of Margot’s hand across his face- second-guessing Simone is the equivalent of questioning Margot!

After a brief conversation with her sister-in-law, Simone is relieved Farah knows nothing; however, Margot isn’t taking any chances and orders she be killed anyway. Overcome with guilt over Naveed’s demise, Simone attempts to warn Farah to leave town with her daughter, Yasmine (Nikita Mehta). Although she tries to avoid it, Simone finishes the job she was sent to do, stabbing Farah in the gut! Unfortunately, Yasmine sees the whole thing and races out of the house with Simone hot on her tail! Lucky for the little girl, out of no where, her pursuer is hit by a bus!

Back at the U.S. Embassy, Boudreau’s (Tate Donovan) forgery is about to bite him in the ass. The Russians call to find out exactly when Jack will be turned over to them and Boudreau’s face turns white, realizing kate4the implications should the President learn of his dastardly deed. Though he tries to cover, the diplomat knows something is up, so Boudreau promises to privately meet at a later time to discuss things further.

Since Jack and Audrey’s brief reunion, Boudreau is transparently concerned that it will affect his marriage. As Jack prepares for the operation, Boudreau has a little chat with him about Audrey. Jack refuses to reveal exact details of their conversation, but assures him there is nothing to worry about since he’ll be sent to prison once Margot is caught. Interestingly Jack lies, claiming Audrey (Kim Raver) told him she is happy and that Boudreau is a nice guy. Later, Mark confronts Audrey about the conversation, who appears more concerned about Jack than her husband! I think Mark better kiss his wife goodbye!

At the warehouse, although Jack hoped the arms dealer wouldn’t interrogate Kate, thanks to a drug that counteracts the Propofol they string her up then begin their own brand of questioning! During the interview with journalists Friday, Strahovski said she was doing something she’d never done before, but I never thought she meant this! Hands cuffed behind her back, suspended 20 feet in the air, Kate kate6dangles as water is thrown on her and then is electrocuted! Things are looking pretty grim for Kate, but just as Belcheck is about to take out the suspects, he is knocked out by an MI5 agent and dragged away!

Unfortunately, although Jack convinces Rask he’s not bluffing and agrees to the money transfer, MI5 shows up on the Prime Minister’s orders! Next all hell breaks loose as they enter the warehouse, guns blazing and a shoot out ensues. The distraction of the invasion allows Kate to put the drop on her captor via leg hold and in true “Jack Bauer” form, is able to quickly jump off the hook that has her suspended in the air! She wins the battle for the knife, stabbing her attacker in the throat! Jack is able to complete the bank upload to Chloe just as MI5 enters and arrests him! Thanks to Team Bauer-Morgan’s heroics, Chloe determines the address to Margot’s location!

The episode ends akate9t CIA Headquarters, where our techie Jordan (Giles Mathey) alerts Navarro of suspicious deleted sections of information that flagged Kate’s husband as the traitor selling secrets. Navarro ignores Jordan’s request to dig further to recover the missing info, and redirects him back to the mission at hand, which is finding the hijacked drones. Everything begins to become clearer as we see Navarro make a mysterious call, revealing he is the mole!

This episode is definitely one of my favorite thus far, seeing Team Bauer-Morgan working together. Upon their first pow wow, it was like watching two opponents sizing each other up, figuring out exactly how much they can trust each other. Jack tries to gauge Kate’s situation with regards to her release from the CIA and I think of anyone, he definitely understands her predicament, especially considering his own history.

I loved seeing Stephen Fry go up against William Devane as both their characters have a lot of weight on their shoulders. Fans on twitter were upset that the Prime Minister jumped the gun and sent his MI5 team in, effectively screwing up Jack’s covert operation. This has disaster written all over it, and I’m anxious to see the confrontation about Heller’s kate2illness. I have a feeling it’s going to be a rough few hours for our President.

Not only will he have to deal with England’s response to this crisis, but now that the Chief of Staff is under the gun to the Russians, the threat of possible retaliation by both countries against the U.S. is in the air. Little does Heller know the Russians are aware that Jack is in custody, so what will this mean? Obviously, they’ll have no choice by the end of this crisis than to turn him over! Ultimately, I’d really like to see Jack exonerated of all his actions. The only reason anyone knows of Margot’s impending attack is because he risked his life, came out of hiding and warned them!

Speaking of Margot, even as Simone is wrapping her head around what she just witnessed, there is no time to grieve! I know Margot doesn’t have a sliver of empathy, but sending Simone out to kill Naveed’s sister AND little girl? Really? Kudos to Emily Berrington, who’s performance margo1allowed the audience to literally feel the inner turmoil she is going through. It’s obvious she doesn’t want to kill her sister-in-law, but fears her mother’s wrath should she fail. I mean, the girl has already lost a finger AND her husband thanks to this Mommy Dearest from hell! I’m anxious to see next week, when Jack finally gets to Simone. This will be her way out from under her mother’s deadly control…but will she take it?

Of course, you know you’re watching 24 when the bad guys break out the water and let loose on the electrodes! Watching Kate be strung up like a piece of dead meat was hard to see. Sure wish I would have seen the episode prior to interviewing her, because I’m dying to know what she thought filming it. Strahovski gave an incredible performance, and I can Kate1only imagine how tough it was hanging suspended like that, hands behind her back. Fans on twitter cheered as she “pulled a Jack Bauer” and flung herself off the chain she was suspended on, then killed her torturer! The entire shoot-out scene was intense! What I’ve loved about this season is seeing a female character so strong, physically and mentally. Kate Morgan truly is the female Jack Bauer and proved it!

Finally, upon the season premiere, fans on twitter immediately dubbed Boudreau as our typical government turn coat and all of us were shocked to learn Head of CIA Agent Navarro is the real mole! Kate’s career is over and she feels guilty thinking her husband betrayed everyone right under their noses! I’m looking forward to seeing her take down Navarro! Question is, who is the mysterious person on the other end of the call? It can’t be Margot because that would be too easy. During an interview with Kiefer Sutherland, he described there are multiple layers of baddies involved, so has to definitely be another player.

I have to say, I really, really, really wanted Boudreau to be the double-crosser against Heller and Audrey. Yes, I’m a little bias because I’m rooting for Jack and Audrey’s reunion to be permanent. Now that his little stunt forging the President’s signature is abouaudreyt to blow up in his face, wonder what he’ll do? It’s potentially a major international incident that foreign governments will see as a betrayal by the Americans and could lead to severe consequences on a global scale. Especially if no one trusts the American government as a result. It will also affect Heller’s management of the imminent terrorist threat. Obviously Boudreau is going to have to come clean to Heller, so I’m sure this will give Audrey the ammo she needs to leave Mark! I guess it all remains to be seen!

Next week, things will intensify tenfold! Ever had that feeling of panic when someone is chasing after you? That’s exactly what’s in store for Jack, Kate, and Simone as they extricate her from the hospital with Margot using them as target practice! It’s a race against time as Margot sends a hitman to finish the job Simone couldn’t, including killing her daughter! It’s a game of cat and mouse as Ian pilots the drone like he’s playing a video game and fires at a hospital filled with patients, then follows Jack, Kate, and Simone’s vehicle trying to get a shot!

Check out FOX’s exclusive extended sneak peek of episode 7:

With only six episodes left in this incredible season, don’t miss a second of next week’s ‘Bauer Power Hour’,  24 Live Another Day, Monday June 9 at 9:00 p.m. on FOX!

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