Thursday , February 27 2020

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Taylor Hicks Jams With Snoop Dogg in Birmingham

Chairman of the Soul Patrol, the Gray Fox, American Idol ’06 winner Taylor Hicks returned home triumphant to Alabama for Birmingham’s City Scenes festival over the weekend. Arriving in a style befitting his new station in life, Hicks, 29, rolled out of a cool stretch limo into the Alabama heat …

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American Idol – Final Four Frenzy, Judging the Judges

American Idol season 5 is creeping toward a momentacular finale with only four contestants remaining out the original eleventy-hundred thousand hopefuls who filled the stadiums and soup kitchens of America to audition last summer with hope in their hearts, a gleam in their eyes, and a song in their lungs. …

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Theater Review: 15 Minutes at the Arcola

These are familiar - perhaps too familiar - characters, but a combination of solid writing and excellent acting take them beyond the stereotypes.

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