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One of music's great gifts brings forth new music this summer...

Ronnie Earl To Spread The Love on Aug. 24

Acclaimed guitarist/composer Ronnie Earl will release an all instrumental new album Spread The Love through Stony Plain Records on August 24. The 14-track set is the follow-up to Earl’s Blues Music Award-nominated Living In The Light.

Spread The Love is an all instrumental record and mixes covers with new Earl compositions, some of which he co-wrote with members of band The Broadcasters. Among the covers chosen for the record are Albert Collins’ “Backstroke” and “Chitlins Con Carne,” a song written by Kenny Burrell and often played by the great Stevie Ray Vaughan. “Spann’s Groove” was written by Broadcaster pianist/organist Dave Limina, dedicated to arguably the first great blues pianist, Otis Spann. Other legendary musicians have inspired compositions on Love, such as “Skyman,” dedicated to the late Duane Allman. “Skyman” was previously recorded for Earl’s Grateful Heart: Blues & Ballads album, released in 1996 for Bullseye.

Earl, Limina, drummer Lorne Entress, and bassist Jim Mouradian recorded Spread The Love in Massachusetts over the course of three days, with Earl serving as the album’s producer. Paul Kochanski, Tim O’Connor, and Jason James also contribute.

In addition to the critical acclaim Earl has received over his career, fellow blues legends B.B. King and the late Robert Lockwood Jr. have both praised Earl’s ability. King said of Earl, “I feel the respect and affection for him that a father feels for his son. He is one of the most serious blues guitarists you can find today. He makes me proud.” Lockwood was characteristically more blunt, asking the question “Who in their right mind would wanna follow Ronnie Earl?”

I find very little in life as inspiring as listening to the great, great Ronnie Earl. I love music and musicians so much and am grateful to them all. Ronnie fills me with awe and wonder in a way no one else can or does. He is a stunning creator of sound. Yes, I’m counting down the days until Spread The Love reaches me.

Here is the complete Spread The Love tracklisting:

  1. Backstroke (Albert Collins)
  2. Blues for Dr. Donna (Ronnie Earl & Paul Kochanski)
  3. Chitlins Con Carne (Kenny Burrell)
  4. Cristo Redentor (Duke Pearson)
  5. Happy (Ronnie Earl and Dave Limina)
  6. Patience (Lorne Entress)
  7. Miracle (Ronnie Earl)
  8. Spann’s Groove (Dave Limina)
  9. Skyman (Ronnie Earl)
  10. Blues for Slim (Ronnie Earl & Eddie Jones)
  11. Tommy’s Midnight Blues (Ronnie Earl)
  12. Eleventh Step to Heaven (Ronnie Earl)
  13. Ethan’s Song (Ronnie Earl and Dave Limina)
  14. Blues for Bill (Ronnie Earl)

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