Saturday , March 2 2024
Marie Claire writer Maura Kelly sticks her foot in her mouth in her article about the "fatties" on Mike & Molly.

Overweight TV Couple “Aesthetically Displeasing” to Marie Claire Writer: Wow, Really?

I came across Maura Kelly’s article about the CBS show Mike & Molly and overweight people, “Should ‘Fatties’ Get a Room? (Even on TV?)” on Marie Claire’s website yesterday, while on the train heading home for the day. After reading Ms. Kelly’s article, I found myself completely appalled at the writer’s view of overweight people.

I do realize that it is Ms. Kelly’s opinion, and that she is entitled to think whatever she wants. However, make no mistake, Ms. Kelly, you’re a size-ist, and your bias towards overweight people was bleeding all over your article. Mike & Molly

As someone who has struggled with my weight for my entire life, it is refreshing to see a show that has characters who share similar struggles. Losing weight doesn’t just happen overnight, it’s an ongoing process. It really doesn’t make it any easier when there are writers like Ms. Kelly writing things like, “…yes, I think I’d be grossed out if I had to watch two characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other…because I’d be grossed out if I had to watch them doing anything,” and how she finds overweight people “aesthetically displeasing” when they walk across the room.

Really? Really? Talk about making a person feel good about themselves.

I have watched Mike & Molly. The show is not glorifying obesity in any way. The premise of the show is that the two main characters share the same struggle, meet, and fall for one another. It actually seems like a sweet show. In the world of television where the actresses look like if they get any thinner they might disappear, I think Mike & Molly is a breath of fresh air. I would guess that somewhere among the 10.8 million viewers who watched the show this week, there is someone out there that would agree with me.

I have to say that I am disappointed that Marie Claire would publish this article by Ms. Kelly without thinking about how their readers would feel about it. On the other hand, they are probably loving all the attention they are receiving from it. However, the next time I see their magazine at the store, I will think twice before purchasing it.

As a writer, I recognize that my words have the ability to hurt others, intentionally or not. I don’t think Ms. Kelly’s words were meant to hurt readers, but she does show a great lack of tact.

I hope that in light of the uproar Ms. Kelly’s article has caused, people will feel encouraged to treat others with respect no matter what they look like.

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