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We Are The Fallen's debut album shows potential, yet needs to adopt its own identity.

Music Review: We Are The Fallen – Tear The World Down

When it was announced last summer that former American Idol contestant Carly Smithson had joined forces with three former Evanescence band members, Ben Moody, John Lecompt, and Rocky Gray, along with their studio bassist, Marty O'Brien, many skeptics raised an eyebrow about this new band called We Are The Fallen.

The comparisons to Evanescence happened immediately. I was waiting to hear the music. Yes, they kind of look like Evanescence, but would their debut album, Tear The World Down, sound like Evanescence? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is yes.

The main issue with the album and the band is that they don't seem to have developed an identity of their own yet. They are continually compared to Evanescence, because simply that's who they sound like.

We Are The Fallen definitely needs to take a step back and re-examine their sound. They are a talented band, and Smithson's voice is fantastic, but I don't get a sense of identity or authenticity with their music. Being a new band, I was hoping to hear a sound that would set them apart.

Speaking of the music, I found that "Paradigm" and "Don't Leave Me Behind" would make fantastic follow-up singles to "Bury Me Alive." They are less of the hard rock sound that the majority of the album is made up of, and sound more radio friendly.

I felt that the ballads on the album really stand out. "I Will Stay" actually sounds like the music that I was expecting from Smithson during her post-Idol career. "Sleep Well, My Angel" is piano-driven, which made for a current sounding power ballad. In my opinion, the best song on the whole album is "I Am Only One." Add it to your "must download" list!

The album as a whole doesn't tell me as a listener who this band is. Luckily with songs like "St. John" and title track, "Tear The World Down," there is potential for this band to set itself apart and stand on its own.

I feel that for We Are The Fallen to be able to succeed, they are going to have to move away from the sound that is very much "Evanescence" and come into a sound that is uniquely  their own.

Tear The World Down debuted at number 33 on the Billboard album charts. For more information and tour dates for We Are The Fallen, check out their website.

A Definite Download: "I Am Only One"

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