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Von Konow’s new single “Cosmic” will ring true to listeners hooked on 1980s synthpop rock.

Music Review: Von Konow – ‘Cosmic’ Single

Von Konow 'Cosmic'The ballad “Cosmic” is the first single, released in September 2016, from Finnish art rocker von Konow’s upcoming album titled Lieder (to be released in January 2017). It tells the story of how short, yet intimate encounters can be so disheartening and even depressing, a feeling captured in the music video, shot entirely in black and white, with wide and sweeping shots, as well as slow motion effects throughout.

The song opens with piano/keyboard. The ensuing melody goes from laid-back, thick, and almost dragging to a chorus that seems to burst free. The deep vocals carry an obvious accent and, when superimposed with the aforementioned music video, add a dramatic flair to the visual experience provided. The uptempo electronic-flavoured pop rock melody that kicks in is reminiscent of 1980s synthpop rock. The lyrics tell of a familiar and relatable story, that of a man passionately in love with a woman he can’t seem to reach or have.

“Cosmic” will ring true to listeners who were hooked on 1980s synthpop rock. The track is available for streaming on SoundCloud and the video, on YouTube. More information about the artist and his work is available on his official Facebook page.

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