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Toronto’s Return for Refund offers five strong tracks in its new EP.

Music Review: Return for Refund – Self-Titled EP

Return for RefundFilled with contagious, riff-driven sounds and raw vocals, the six tracks on Return for Refund’s self-titled EP combine elements of hard rock, punk, metal, funk, and blues. The last two songs are also clearly tinged with a southern twang. That members Drew Clementino (vocals, guitar), Sasha Molotkow (guitar, backing vocals), and Karlis Hawkins (drums, backing vocals) drew inspiration from bands such as Black Sabbath, Nirvana, and Soundgarden shines through at various definite moments in Return for Refund. The Toronto rock trio’s EP has been well received by campus stations across Canada. Interestingly enough, the band comes off as much older than it actually is.

“The Fields” kicks off the EP with a great guitar-heavy intro and a bass guitar that leads the way throughout the track. It is an inspirational track that moves beyond superficial, sometimes cheesy lyrics that don’t do much in terms of encouragement. Instead, Return for Refund encourages listeners to “throw out all those pills that just numb away the pain” in their effort to throw away the fear that keeps them from following their dreams. The following track, “TV Light”, confirms the band’s instrumental, lyrical, and vocal skills.

The band’s direction shifts a little with the addictive “Between the Sheets”, which features an attention-grabbing instrumental interlude near the middle of the track where the guitars are flirting dangerously with the drums.

The EP closes with two tracks, “Some Is Better Than None” and “Those Bombs”, that give away the southern vibe that the band admits having. “Some Is Better Than None” oozes with attitude, largely because of the melody plucked on an electric guitar that carries it from beginning to end. One would expect a track titled “The Bombs” to be dark, raw, and emotional, but the band surprises us one last time with an uptempo, almost cheerful view of war.

Combining tight musicianship and strong vocals well suited for this genre, it’s no wonder that Return for Refund has been so well received on college radio throughout Canada. More information about the band is available on their official website. Songs can be streamed on Bandcamp and the band’s video clips are available on their YouTube channel.

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