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The self-titled debut album from New Politics is released on July 13 on RCA Records.

Music Review: New Politics – New Politics

Looking for a new band with a rockin' album for the summertime? Look no further than then Brooklyn based/Denmark born, New Politics.

The trio is made up of David Boyd (vocals), Soeren Hansen (vocals/guitar) and Poul Amaliel (drums). Their lead single off their self-titled debut album, "Yeah Yeah Yeah" has been finding great success on Modern Rock radio. It's energetic and extremely catchy. This song will definitely be a big sing-a-long during their live show.

"Yeah Yeah Yeah" has been chosen as the Alli Theme Song, and is being used for the Lucas Oil Pro Motorcross Tour and the Dew Tour 2010. The song can be heard in promotional spots at each tour stop.

The music video for "Yeah Yeah Yeah" was recently deemed "Buzzworthy" by MTV and is currently in rotation on MTV2 and MTVU.

The rest of the album is made up of fun, danceable rock music. It fits in well with today's rock music, yet is refreshing enough to make the New Politics stand apart.

Tracks "Give Me Hope," "Love Is A Drug," and "We Are The Radio" are major stand outs on the album. Each has a great beat, and a distinct energy about it, which brings the album together. "Nuclear War" sticks out with a dance vibe, and slightly reminiscent of Linkin Park's "Papercut." It's a great track.

The band is already creating a buzz with their live show. Lead singer David Boyd does flips, headstands and break dancing. Spin Magazine declared the performance by the New Politics at SXSW, "…the nights most lasting take-away."

In a music genre like rock, where a lot of the music can sound the same, New Politics are a breath of fresh air. For information on New Politics, including upcoming tour dates, check out their website.

Definite Downloads: "Yeah Yeah Yeah" and "Give Me Hope"

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  1. Me too! Super stoked to see them open for FOB at the Roseland theater in Portland. I’ve heard that they can rock the roof right off a venue