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‘Six String Soldier’ is a richly textured and highly enjoyable Americana, blues, and rock EP.

Music Review: Joey Stuckey – ‘Six String Soldier’ EP

The richly textured Americana, blues, and rock EP Six String Soldier by Macon, Georgia artist Joey Stuckey, offers seven attention-grabbing and engaging tracks. Defined by passionate vocals, well thought-out lyrics, and melodies weaving together instruments in a complex dance, the EP, released in November of 2016, is an energetic, emotional ride.

Joey Stuckey 'Six String Soldier'The only reason one should mention that Stuckey is blind is to fully appreciate the irony in “Blind Man Drivin’”, where in-your-face vocals and a catchy and impeccably delivered guitar solo combine with other elements to make for an intense and infectious number. The video is amusing, featuring a blind man successfully stealing an SUV, only to be pursued through the streets by a determined cop who, upon following Stuckey to a club, joins him and his band onstage to play the tambourine to the delight of the crowd.

The pop flavours of the cheerful, laid-back, and friendly “10,000 Miles” make it the most radio-friendly tune of the set. There is something very visual about the song, as listeners can easily be transported into a relaxing, long road trip across America. The lyrics though touch on the heavy and important topic of an obsession with an unhealthy relationship.

The slow “All Roads Lead to a Broken Heart” borrows sounds from country and 1970s rock to create an emotion-laden ballad. Country takes on a more prominent place in the upbeat “Another Girl”, where the guitar work and vocals are particularly noteworthy. “Lover’s Ride” is another number marked by layer upon layer of texture that gives it great complexity. “Mr. Mooney” finishes things off with a powerful and emotional ballad that leaves a sweet aftertaste long after the last note has rung.

More information about Joey Stuckey and his work can be found on his official website, where songs are also available for streaming.

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