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Brooke White and Jack Matranga release their first combined endeavor, Gemini.

Music Review: Jack and White – Gemini EP

In the vein of old school 1970s duo of Buckingham/Nicks and the more modern pairing of She and Him come the pairing of Brooke White and Jack Matranga as Jack and White.

Initially coming together to work on a song for White’s follow-up album to 2009’s High Hopes and Heartbreak, the pair found themselves hitting it off creatively from the start. 

Jack and White - credit:“When I sat down with Brooke, it was clear from the beginning that all we cared about was creating awesome music and nothing else,” Matranga said in a press release.

“Songwriting can be labor at times, but we were creating so quickly, because we didn’t need to force anything.”

Their co-write turned into six distinctive songs that make up their new release, Gemini.

The EP kicks off with the title track, “Gemini.” What I appreciate about this song is that it’s pretty contemporary in comparison to the rest of the album. It’s a little bit different from what White’s fans are used to hearing from her and to be perfectly honest, that makes listening to Gemini exciting.

“Telephone Games” is a definite standout on the EP. The way White utilizes her voice while in her upper register really elevates the overall emotion to the song. The harmonies between White and Matranga on this track are simply fantastic. The contrast between their voices in higher and lower register create something special when combined.

Another standout track is “Smoke and Mirrors.” I like this track so much, because it has a bit of an attitude to it. There’s an assertiveness to how the notes are hit in the chorus, which really drives home the overall message of the song of knowing when somebody is not what they’re claiming to be. 

I have to give mention of my personal favorite off of Gemini, “Double Trouble.” The track has a fun, yet almost mischievous quality to it. Upon first listen, the song made me want to get up and bop along to it. It would make a great addition to any road trip mix tape, especially if you’re heading down the California coast.

Overall, Gemini is a great introduction to Jack and White. I’ve always loved White’s Carole King-meets-Stevie Nicks kind of vibe.

What I appreciate about the album is that it shows progression from the Brooke White we met during season seven of American Idol. I love that she has found a creative partner in Matranga, who has brought a more modern sound to their combined effort, while still staying true to White’s retro ’70s soul.

Jack and White’s debut EP, Gemini, is available now. 

For more information on Jack and White, including upcoming tour dates, check out their official website.

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