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‘Blank Canvas’ is a quick, high energy, and intense listen.

Music Review: Chameleon Technology – ‘Blank Canvas’ EP

California-based Max Histrionic’s one-man project, Chameleon Technology, released in a five-track EP titled Blank Canvas. With three tracks clocking in at under two minutes, this EP is a quick listen, and a high energy, intense one at that.

Three of the songs are straight up punk rock numbers, head bangers featuring aggressive guitars that alternatively chug or throb, high tempo drums that keep the energy high throughout, and energetic vocals. In “No Safe Word” the vocals are of the screaming kind; in “Serin’s Vending” and in “Lifestyle Science” the vocals are still forceful but without the scream factor. “Lifestyle Science” also includes moments during which one can only hear the electric guitar, allowing listeners to appreciate Histrionic’s musicianship.

Set on a completely different part of the musical spectrum are the other two numbers on this EP. Both “Self Repair” and “Blank Canvas” are longer rock tracks that verge on the quiet side, at least compared to their predecessors. Heads will still bob energetically along with “Self Repair”, while angst-ridden listeners will still find satisfaction in the sometimes screaming vocals of “Blank Canvas”.

Tracks are available for streaming on SoundCloud. More information about this artist and his project can be found on his official website and on his Facebook page.

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