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If you like the nu metal sound and you like Limp Bizkit, then I think that you will really like Limp Bizkit: Rock im Park 2001.

Music DVD Review : Limp Bizkit – Rock im Park 2001

Limp Bizkit is the nu metal band from Jacksonville, Florida that was formed in 1994 with Fred Durst on vocals, Sam Rivers on bass, and John Otto on drums. Soon after guitarist Wes Borland joined the band. They were discovered by the nu metal band Korn when Durst, also a tattooist, gave Korn bassist Reginald Arvizu several tattoos. DJ Lethal, the turntablist/sampler joined the Bizkit in 1996 when the band he was in, House of Pain, disbanded.

Limp Bizkit: Rock im Park 2001 catches Limp Bizkit during the prime of their career at the Rock im Park in Nuremburg, Germany on June 1, 2001. There are two versions of the concert on this DVD. One is the original version, also called the TV Edit which runs 86 minutes and is how it was filmed. The second is called the remixed version and it is 74 minutes long and has been remixed by DJ Lethal; it contains more keyboards and loops. I personally like the remix better.

The remix video is 16:9 anamorphic widescreen and the original is 4:3. Audio is a choice of both 5.1 Surround Sound and 2.0 Stereo soundtracks. The DVD contains no subtitles, but since a lot of the words are of the simple four letter variety, they are pretty easy to understand.

The set starts off with "Hot Dog" and blasts into "Show Me What You Got" pretty fast. After doing "Break Stuff," Durst brings up a girl on stage while doing "The One." By that point, the band is rocking in full force. All of the songs are done as would be expected — large and loud. The audience is well into it. At one point Durst has to tell the crowd to look out for each other. This happened after what looked like a person was thrown about 20 feet in the air and then caught. I tried to see if it was a person, but it was just too blurry to see clearly — but it sure looked like a person.

Overall the concert was filmed well and the band is very tight. Occasionally Durst's vocals get drowned out, but not often enough to present a problem. The video is clear and the sound is good. If you like the nu metal sound and you like Limp Bizkit, then I think that you will really like Limp Bizkit: Rock im Park 2001.

Track Listing:

  • Intro
  • Hot Dog
  • Show Me What You Got
  • Break Stuff, The One
  • Livin' It Up
  • My Generation
  • Re-Arranged
  • Faith
  • Full Nelson
  • My Way
  • Nookie
  • I Would For You
  • Take A Look Around
  • Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)

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