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CES 2023: LG Electronics Wins Dozens of Awards

LG Electronics won 28 awards at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 5 through 8, including 10 for its innovative OLED TVs. It also demonstrated applications for your car and your home.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) runs CES, the world’s largest conference of its type. CTA, a standards and trade organization representing more than 2,200 consumer technology companies in the United States, works to influence public policy, holds events such as the CES, conducts market research, and helps its members and regulators implementing technical standards.

The LG TVs provide consumers a variety of options for maximizing both viewing and gaming experiences.

Not Your Father’s TV

Having recently spent the better part of a day crawling around in a sea of wires behind my home theater TV to replace a component that had failed, I was amazed by the LG OLED M (M3). First, it is 97 inches diagonal, providing real-time video and audio transmission at up to 4K 120Hz. But what really made me want this for my home theater is that it is the world’s first TV with zero connect technology.

You can control this LG TV without any wires

Whereas other TV’s connect with receivers, memory cards, gaming consoles, PCs and other tech from the side or back, this TV provides a remote console for connections and all signals are sent wirelessly. Picture yourself sitting watching your TV. You want to see something a friend has given you on a memory stick. The console can be sitting on an end table right next to you. You can plug in this source without even getting off the couch.

But aren’t wired connections better than wireless? LG has taken care of this, too.

The company developed an algorithm to identify the optimal transmission path through the room. It then monitors the environment to sense possible disruption objects such as people or pets moving around the room. When it spots one of these, it alters the path to go around them.

And, yes, you can control it with voice commands.

Games and Commuting

If your big screen passion leans more towards gaming than film, LG has you covered here, too. The LG OLED Flex can be watched flat, like other screens. But should you wish to become more surrounded by a gaming environment, it’s 42 inches can bent into a curved shape.

We can’t spend all our time watching movies and playing games. We do need to get in our cars and drive to work. Have you ever wondered while on your way to the office “Did I turn off all the lights?” or “Did I feed the dog?”? When LG’s Mobility Service Platform makes it into production, you can check on these things while on the road. It’s built-in connectivity features will then let you control the lights and feed the dog remotely from your car.

With LG, your phone can control your appliances even when you’re not home

LG also provides a range of household devices offering connectivity and communications to your phone. You’re at work. At home, your dog starts to bark. You’ll be able to get a notice of this on your phone, and use cameras in your house to check to see what’s going on. If everything is really OK and Fido is just bored, you can put a video on the TV to keep him entertained or replenish his food supply.

Back Home

When you get back home, you’ll be presented with more automated choices from LG’s appliances. If you want to change the vibe in your kitchen, LG’s refrigerator using MoodUP technology, can put a different color on each of its four doors, giving you 14,000 color combinations to set the right mood. The refrigerator can also play music, from a built-in playlist or through your wi-fi or Bluetooth devices. The LED panels on the refrigerator can change color in sync with the music.

With LG tech, you can make the panels on your refrigerator change color to music

When you finally slip off your shoes you can put them into the LG Styler Shoe Case. Your shoes will look good because of the case’s customizable lighting. It will also sanitize and deodorize them for you.

Now settle into your couch and breathe deep. The end table next to it is an LG air purifier.

You can find out more about the LG products presented at CES here.

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