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Montreal International Game Summit 2019: Interview with Benedykt Szneider of Reikon Games

One of my favorite games of the last few years was a violent, over-the-top yet beautiful action game called Ruiner from Reikon Games. One of the most striking aspects of the title was the art style, which was shepherded by Creative Director Benedykt Szneider.

I had a chance to sit with Benedykt at MIGS 2019 to talk about his path to joining the gaming industry, his passions, and a little bit about what is coming up next for him.

I found him to be incredibly passionate about his art, the final product Ruiner became, and the strength and skill of the team at Reikon. During our chat he was also very keen to mention the strength of the entire team.

Specifically, he sang the praises of all members of Reikon: Jakub Styliński, Maciej Mach, Magdalena Tomkowicz, Marek Roefler, and in particular game Director Kuba Styliński, who is a great inspiration to Benedykt. A key message of his was that Ruiner was a team effort that seemed impossible at times but ended as a product he is incredibly proud of.

It was also interesting to hear him talk about his comic book passions, as well as the comics Diefenbach and Seyn that he personally released. We talked quite a bit about anime, manga, and comics, as he drew great inspiration from ’90s entries in these genres. Plus any chance to talk about Cowboy Bebop is always fun.

In the end I was completely fascinated with Benedykt’s obvious love for art, sci-fi, game design, and just the simple art of creating. Please listen to the full interview below to hear about all of this, plus his experiences growing up in Slovenia and working with CD Projekt Red and other Polish game companies.

If you can not see this chirbit, listen to it here: Check this out on Chirbit

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