Sunday , October 25 2020

Keoki’s Side

DJ Keoki’s management informs me that I failed miserably to give his side of the story regarding his departure from Moonshine Records. So here it is:

    DJ Keoki would like to issue the following press statement to clarify the current confusion as to the circumstances surrounding Keoki’s amicable departure from Moonshine Music.

    ” Since my release of ‘Jealousy,’ I have been going through some huge creative and musical changes. Earlier this year, Steve Levy and I were in negotiations regarding doing a new mix CD. Ultimately, Steve and I chose to part ways because I felt that to undergo a complete musical transformation, I needed to find a new label.”

    “I have had a near decade of success with Moonshine and we have sold over 750,000 records together. In all that time, I developed an unmistakable sound with Moonshine. The music I created with Moonshine is fabulous, and I’m incredibly proud of my achievements with the label. I want to thank Moonshine for all of the guidance, help and hard work they have provided throughout my career. However, musically, I am heading in a different direction from what everyone who bought my albums on Moonshine is used to. I felt that if I was going to change my sound, my look, and my style, I needed to go to a new label where I didn’t have a massive history with a particular style of music.”

    “I’ve got a lot of great stuff in the works right now which I’m really excited to share with my fans. I’m working on new tracks with Gearwhore and my electroclash club, The Too Far Gone has been blowing up for the past year. I will be releasing a new mix CD with Cleopatra Records (Future Sound of London, Gary Numan, Sigue Sigue Sputnik and more) at the beginning of next year. I wish Moonshine all the best, and I know they will have the continued success that has made them what they are today. They were a great chapter in my career and in my life, but that chapter has come to a close, and now I’m writing a whole new book.”

    “Finally, I want to thank One Love Management and Tisha McCune Pettitt for all of the great and continued support they have provided me in the new phase of my career.”

I hope that helps.

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