Monday , June 24 2024

“Hey, what kind of music do you like?” “The good kind.”

Spinning off from Spin and Vibe, a new music mag aimed at post-30s with the jaunty title of Good Music:

    The first two issues of a new music magazine, tentatively called Good Music, are set to appear late this year under a deal, to be announced this week, between Good Music Media, and World Publications.

    Good Music, which is being developed by ex-Spin and Vibe executives John Rollins, Alan Light and Dana Sacher, has secured a deal for business and back-office services with World Publications, its executives say, to permit publishing its two issues.

    Should all go well with those issues and with ongoing fund-raising, the title will publish six times in 2004, said Mr. Rollins, the CEO and co-founder of the title’s parent company, Good Music Media.

    ….Messrs. Rollins and Light left Spin last year to begin work on Good Music, a title aimed at older music consumers. Mr. Rollins cited data from the Recording Industry Association of America that contends adults over age 30 now account for 56% of the music purchases in America.

    “This generation wants to maintain a contemporary relationship with pop culture, including music. And they need a guide,” said Mr. Rollins, who is 39.

    “The things we’ll most stay away from,’ said Mr. Light, the company’s editor in chief, “is the bubble-gum stuff,” such as Britney Spears and ‘N Sync, and “the new metal” bands such as Limp Bizkit.

    Mr. Light, who is 36, said he left Spin because he “didn’t want to be 40 and fighting for a Slipknot cover,” referring to the garishly theatrical Iowa-based new-metal band.

    Mr. Rollins said the current music titles, such as Wenner Media’s Rolling Stone, Spin, Vibe and Dennis Publishing’s Blender, are all swinging for the same demographic sweet spot, 18 to 24 year olds. But Good Music would be different: Likely profile subjects, Mr. Light said, range from Neil Young to chanteuse and current multiple Grammy Award winner Norah Jones. []

Sounds like AAA radio to me, or perhaps “quality rock.”

If you add up the ages of Neil Young (57) and Norah Jones (23) together, then divide by two, you get the new mag’s target demographic, sort of.

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