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Where are all the female bloggers? Here, in my weekly "top ten" collection.

Friday femmes fatales No 21

Where are all the female bloggers? Here, in my weekly “top ten” collection.

I’m going to take it easy for the next couple of weeks; I’m mostly revisiting some of the old favourites. I’ll probably pick up the hunt for new bloggers after that. Nominations of new blogs to include are still, however, highly welcome.

So to links …

First to the big news of the week, Coleen on Some of My Days writes about being a refugee from Katrina, while Vanessa at Feministing explores the opportunities and threats for women in the new Iraqi constitution.

Echidne of the Snakes looks at the resignation of a woman with principles from the FDA. “Maybe this is the only workable alternative right now: don’t play wingnut games and watch the world collapse,” she says.

Egalia at Tennessee Guerrilla Women revists another infamous Pat Robertson quote. Trish Wilson at The Countess, meanwhile, has found a Chinese researcher on a similar wavelength: the greatest threat to civilisation as we know it is … nude web surfing.

Laura on Clewes: The Historic True Crime Blog has found an account of a carnival dummy that was actually a mummy. I was particularly taken with this tale since it seems to be the basis for a novel by my favourite crime writer, Kerry Greenwood.

On Purple Elephant’s Corner, there’s a scarey, but happy, encounter with Mother’s ruin – gin if you don’t know the term.

Now if you live in London you often see big groups of American teens over here on tours. Lisa is in Oxford, but she has the same enthusiasm for new experiences you see in London – something old cynics like myself should probably try to recapture occasionally. Pen-Elayne, meanwhile, is offering a photographic tour of New York.

Finally, Pandagon takes right-wing horror about girl scouts learning to look out for themselves and runs with it in: First you let the girls scout and next thing you know, you’ve got marauding bands of man-killers. I’m waiting for someone to take it seriously; bound to happen.


Last week’s Femmes Fatales is here, if you missed it.

The collection of the first hundred is here. The second hundred will be collected soon, I promise!

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