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USA : DoJ ramps up IP war

Digital Musicworks International, Inc. Announces The World’s First Next-Generation Music Label

Top AOL Music Charts

Strait Ascends to Top of Albums Chart After Error


iTunes Music Store Downloads Top 150 Million Songs

Apple iPod grabs 82% US retail market share

Apple Under Scrutiny as Music Competition Rises

A Bitter Apple Replay?

Microsoft snubs UK for Japan music launch

ANALYSIS: Japan’s Online Music-Delivery Business Heating Up

UK : Music firms win ‘pirates’ ruling

Australia : Consumer, privacy groups demand seat at Kazaa trial

Australia : Lawyers for Universal Music put the hard word on Sharman Networks

Induce Act Dead for This Year

Supreme Court Internet Privacy Decision : chat transcript with Verizon attorney Sarah Deutsch

The P2P Dilemma – A Problem Without Solution?

Napster Pre-Paid Cards and Media Room Edition

Listeners set the rules for how digital music needs to be sold

Starbucks Expanding Custom CD Service to 45 Stores

Adelphi University Offering Students RealNetworks’ Rhapsody Service at an Unbeatable Price: Free

RealNetworks Announces Agreements With D-Link, Pinnacle Systems

Loudeye Powers Digital Music Store for Portugal Telecom

Playstation Portable tunes into MP3s

Archos takes on iPod Mini

Dell Displays New TVs, Music Players


Gates: Broadcast TV Model Faces Irrelevancy

There They Go Again: Microsoft’s Latest Foray Into Television

Review: Hi-Def TV may be PCs’ killer app

Entelligence: TV on a PC

Sony’s DVDirect – Transfer Home Movies Without a PC

UK viewers taking control of TV

Philips, IFILM in Home Entertainment Partnership

Digital home and mobile computing : HP to open research center in South Korea

Netflix sees Amazon entering DVD rentals

Car computer hobbyists hack XM Radio

Eminem Satellite Radio Channel Sets October Debut

Interep Pumps $57 Million In New Revenue To Radio In `04

HBO Execs Suspended in Inquiry


mMode Music Store: The Experiment Begins

AT&T Wireless Launches MobiTV

Analysis : Fat Pipes Encourage Downloading, Not Streaming

Symbian and Microsoft Compete For Smart Phones Leadership

Mobile Industry Prepares For 3G/UMTS In China


Google Unveils Desktop Search, Takes on Microsoft

Privacy Eroding, Bit by Bit and Byte



Wal-Mart Wants $10 CDs

Justice Dept. wants new antipiracy powers

Rocking the music world

India : Music Industry Can Be Next Growth Engine

Music deserves better television than this, writes Sarah Crompton


DRM: Commission not interested in Civil Society’s position

Microsoft soon expanding MSN Music in Europe

Microsoft beginning music download service in Japan

The Orchard Announces New Distribution Deals With 11 Premier Indie Labels

D-Link, Napster Partner On Music Streaming

Apple Profit More Than Doubles

Sony retuning to pick up MP3s

Dell taking aim at iPod Mini?

Starbucks Launches the ”Hear Music Media Bar”

Music service Puretracks opens up shop in US

UCLA File Swappers in Quarantine

Can Ruckus Become a Campus Craze?

Rent, Don’t Rip

Coral Consortium, the world’s biggest DRM talking shop

Olympus to Launch Hard Disc Portable Music Player

MP3 mini market heats up

A Portable Little Cylinder Shares Your Digital Music


Glickman to Film Industry: Nurture New Technology

Optical networking: The next generation

Will Satellite, ‘Podcasting’ Bring a Renaissance to Radio Journalism?

No Rush To the Media Center

Bill Gates: Live at Microsoft’s Digital Entertainment Anywhere Event

Media Centers On Parade; Content Partners Announced


Mobile Phones Increase Tumor Risk, Study Says


Yahoo! names Kelkoo’s Pierre Chappaz as the new president of its European operations

Investors Flock to Web Networking Sites



Supreme Court Won’t Weigh Net Music Lawsuit Tactics

Universal Said to Consider Executive Post for Rap Star

Sony BMG Music Entertainment Appoints Managing Directors For Hungary, Czech Republic And Poland

Lisa Zbitnew Named President, Sony BMG Music Canada

Sony BMG : other nominations

Riddle of missing Mean Fiddler boss

HMV hires Warner’s Bennett for new digital music role


Microsoft Ups Ante Vs. iTunes

Yahoo Gets US Antitrust Nod for Musicmatch Deal

A Preview Version of AOL Music on Demand Now Available on Media Centers

Live365 to Provide Thousands of Radio Stations to Media Centers

Trans World Entertainment Launches F.Y.E. Download Zone with Musicnet is First Celtic Music Download Store

MP3 music service draws industry fire

Apple Fan Sites Buzz with Talk of Photo-Ready iPod

iPod Claims 82% HD-Based Retail Market Share; 42% All Players

Preview : Toshiba Gigabeat F 60GB

Virgin unveils portable music player

Making disk drives the star of the show

Fewer People Paying for Music Downloads – NPD

Rocking the music world

Mattel Introduces Juice Box Personal Media Player

P2P : Kazaa loses P2P crown

Identity Rights Manager Boasts More Sophisticated Approach


US crackdown on film, music piracy

Orb Unveils New Service for Digital Media

News Corp to sell Sky stake to DirecTV

DirecTV to Add to Latin America

Fund Seeks Power to Nominate Disney Directors

DreamWorks Animation IPO Could Raise $725 Mln

Senate Tax Vote May Help Hollywood

UK : Virgin Radio boss quits

UK : A new framework for Public Service Broadcasting

UK : BBC launches first trials of on-demand television programming

BBC : The lost treasures

Study: High Demand for Movies-on-Demand

Movielink at 99 Cents For Students

CinemaNow Premieres High-Definition Movie Downloads

Microsoft Renews Play for Digital Home

Microsoft Sets Aside $20 Billion For Media

A slow crawl to digital television

Podcasts: New Twist on Net Audio

Web services for your TiVo?

Big Content Plays From Verizon And Comcast

Global Dawn For Digital Radio

Lions Gate tests distributing films via satellite

JVC Sides With Blu-ray Disc

Sony DVD burner skirts PCs

Intel Cooperates With Japanese PC, CE And Content Industries To Promote The Digital Home

The Copyright Industries Continues To Be A Driving Force In The U.S. Economy

New Fee For Internet-Capable PCs In Germany


South Korea: The Epicenter of Mobile Music Piracy

Sony StreamMan and Outsourcing Music

Mobile Video — But Not TV

Problems might force Orange to delay 3G launch

Siemens backs new wireless technology


Yahoo Profit Triples on Google Stake Sale

The next big thing in the prepaid arena

Why Broadband’s Pipes Need Reaming

Ultrawideband Heralds Zippier Wireless Connections

Wi-Fi Successor Called High-Speed Hype, for Now

Where Opera Is Out-Browsing Explorer

UK : Online advertising poised to pass radio



Free CDs ‘killing music’

DVD sales help slow recorded music decline

CDs to come in three classes

South Korean Downloaders Push Music Stores to Brink

The Guardian profile: Vince Power

AIM For China 2004

China : Recording industry tunes up for compensation

Audio Fidelity And Paul Mitchell Hair Products To Bring Music Into Hair
Salons Across U.S.A.


Music industry presses for common standard for downloads

EXCLUSIVE: 60GB iPod to pack photo-viewing features

MSN Music Falls Short Of iTunes’ High Marks

Hollywood, RIAA appeals against Internet file sharing decision

Kazaa owner denied office-raid appeal

Weekly Comment: Illegal downloaders or music’s best customers?

Pop impresario Pete Waterman defends legal assault on web music piracy

Take your part in the NME Downloading debate

US : Senate Talks Fail on File-Sharing Software

If you want to see the future, it’s time to consult your peers

Profile : Yusuf Medhi, head of MSN

Napster Announces 2005 Supercross/Motocross Team Sponsorship

Heard it through the Web grapevine

JetGroove Sell Unlicensed MP3 Without Permission

South Africa Gets Own Music Download Facility

Podcasts: New Twist on Net Audio

Love DRM or my family starves: why Steve Ballmer doesn’t Get It

Gadgets of the week: Turning wax into MP3

What’s The Download.Com Announces Search For Young Adults To Serve On New “Interactive Advisory Board” Addressing Digital Music


Digital radio sales 13m ‘by 2008’

Building A 21st Century Radio

WIPO Assemblies Conclude

MTV Networks Chairman And CEO Judy McGrath Announces Key Appointments

RealNetworks Announces 13 New Versions Of Realplayer

Wireless media player launches in Europe

Piracy Bill’s Language Protects DVD Movie Filters


Japan to begin mobile satellite broadcasting

How do you sell more smart phones? Turn them into iPods

Mobile clash of cultures

Mobile payments: RIP credit cards?

France Telecom and Nokia Announce a Strategic Partnership for Joint
Development of New Rich Media Solutions


AOL Readying Stand-Alone Browser

compiled by Philippe Astor

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