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Titus' new comedy more introspective.

Comedy CD Review: Christopher Titus – ‘Voice Inside My Head’

Working in graphics for a small local newspaper, my job finds me constantly searching for something entertaining to listen to via headphones as I grind away on advertisements. Usually its music, but occasionally, when I have the chance, I love to pop in some standup comedy into my day. I find the occasional fits of laughter helps to keep my coworkers from coming in too close.

When I had the chance to pop the new digital album by Christopher Titus into my rotation, it was a no-brainer. As a fan of Titus and owner of a few of his previous comedy albums, I knew that I would get absolutely no work done, but I would immensely enjoy myself.

Voice Inside My Head finds Titus working to his strengths but also working outside of what I came to expect. Most of his comedy comes from the pains of youth and a life spent coming to terms with that youth and family issues.  But this release finds him a bit more introspective and aiming the comedy fiercely at himself instead of his father or mother or whoever else was on his mind.

To his credit, Titus extends that introspection and gives a large portion of the album to discussing how he basically hit the self-destruct button on his own television series. It’s endearing to know that even supremely talented guys can muck stuff up just like, well, me.

The closing part of the album is where Titus shines, however, as he goes through this wonderful 20-minute bit about coming to terms with being around other celebrities and having no clue how to talk to them without sounding like a shmuck,  especially when the celebrity in question is his idol, Bruce Springsteen. It’s a charming story that gives a nice softer side of the comic while at the same time remaining whip-smart funny and sarcastic.

This is possibly the most personal and strongest comedy album I’ve heard from Titus. I’m not sure why it’s only a digital purchase at the moment, but I do know that I will be buying a physical copy in December, when it hits the shelves. Funny, poignant and sublimely ridiculous as only he can be Voice Inside My Head finds Titus continuing to grow as a comic as well as continuing to keep me in stitches as a fan.

If you love comedy albums this purchase would be a no-brainer.

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  1. Wait till you see/hear “Angry Pursuit of Happiness!’ APoH is, to me, his finest work to date. Neverloution touched me personally the most. But APoH made me laugh harder than all his performances to date.