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Book Review: Incredible Ah-Ha Moments: Ideas You Won’t Stop Talking About by Alexander Nestoiter

The new Incredible Ah-Ha Moments: Ideas You Won’t Stop Talking About presents some fascinating takes on everyday life. Alexander Nestoiter comes out of the fields of engineering and management, and has written a book that offers a unique perspective on the world around us. His solutions to common problems are both practical and simple. Unlike many “self-help” books, these qualities make his recommendations actually feasible in the modern world.

One of his key points is how our feet affect our well-being. When you think about it, it certainly makes sense. We are bi-pedal animals after all, and uncomfortable shoes, and other problems with our feet definitely “travel up” affecting the things we do.

This may not be immediately apparent; most people just say things like “My feet hurt.” But much more is going on than simply pain. Every other function of a person is affected by the problem. It is one of the many “Ah-Ha Moments” that really do make one stop and ponder the implications.

Nestoiter is not solely (sorry) concerned with feet however. There are a great many different methods he advocates to improve the human condition. The book is divided into three parts, “Physiology, Origins, and the Starting Point,” “Purpose, Limitations and Cost for Meddling with Our Senses,” and finally, “Cost of Exploiting Hardwiring for Profit.”

The first Part, “Physiology, Origins, and the Starting Point,” is where the whole discussion of feet as the “starting point” for a person is explored. In the second Part, “Physiology, Origins, and the Starting Point,” the author delves into the senses of hearing and vision, as well as the dichotomy between reason and emotion. In Part three, “Cost of Exploiting Hardwiring for Profit,” Mr. Nestoiter brings it all together and points out the bare facts of how we are so easily influenced by input from television, radio, and even books.

Incredible Ah-Ha Moments contains a wealth of information about how to live a better life, which ring very true. Nestoiter has a keen mind, and his recommendations are well worth noting. He has written an outstanding book full of observations and advice, and it is one that I think is well worth checking out.

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