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The Spring has Sprung edition of the best of the week past!

Blogcritics Editors’ Picks: March 15 through March 21

Once again, a wide array of the best of what Blogcritics had to offer this past week, so that regardless of your bent, you’ll find something here that will entertain and educate. There are splendid music reviews, and something different from the week in books. There are personal essays, some of the best television writing you’ll find anywhere, and plenty of politics. In between, there’s fantasy baseball, video gaming, and much, much more. So while you’re waiting for those daffodils to bloom, read on!

Let me take a moment to remind those of you who are chosen that you are invited to submit your own pick for next week (due to space considerations, please limit it to one). Please feel free to email me your picks by next Tuesday.


Music Editor Connie Phillips chose:

CD Review: Cheap Trick – Dream Police by John Owen
In his review of Dream Police John shares his memories of the music, discusses how it stacks up to other Cheap Trick releases, and gives us a history lesson on the band.

CD Review: Wolf Tracks – The Best Of Los Lobos by Nik Dirga
Nik takes a look at both Los Lobos and this CD, giving us a comprehensive and entertaining look at both of them. It’s an enjoyable read.

CD Review: nearLY – Reminder by Merlinfmct87
Merlinfmct87 takes a look at not only the music but interprets the underlying emotion. I was able to feel and almost hear the music, which isn’t an easy task.

CD Review: Irakere – Bacalao Con Pan by El Bicho
Written by Fantasma el Rey, this review of the Cuban jazz CD is entertaining and informative. He takes a band and a genre that is probably unfamiliar and successfully gives the reader a good feel for what they are in store for.

Film Editor Erin McMaster chose:

CD Review: Wolf Tracks – The Best of Los Lobos by Nik Dirga
A poetic look at the ‘best of’ album of a great band. I can’t decide what is better writing, the songs of Los Lobos or the review from Nik Dirga.


Books Editor Natalie Bennett writes:

Rather than reviews, I’ve chosen to highlight a couple of different posts this week.

First, being an old journalist with ink still flowing through my veins, I can’t resist a bit of solid, first-hand reportage. Comic Book Convention: Wizard World Los Angeles, a report by Caballero Oscura takes you to the scene, and behind it, with an honest appraisal of the guest list and attractions.

Then, for something completely different, I was taken by I Write Romance by Amrita Rajan. She offers an honest, personal account of an attempt to join the Mills and Boon club, that also offers a pretty good starting point for anyone thinking of following in her footsteps.

Film Editor Erin McMaster chose:

I Write Romance by Amrita Rajan
Sometimes things we consider below us can prove to teach us a great deal. That is what Amrita tells us as she shares her experience with an attempt at writing a romance novel.


TV Editor Joan Hunt chose:

House – “Sex Kills” by Diane Kristine
As usual, Diane Kristine brings more to a review than a mere recap. Her insight on the characters and the writers makes all the difference in the world.

American Inventor – Pimp My Pride by teletart
Do NOT have beverage in hand…or anywhere nearby when you read this.

Big Love on HBO by Amrita Rajan
Thoughtful prose on a show that’s drawn criticism from many groups. Thanks to Amrita, we can stop with the knee-jerk reactions.


Culture Editor Diana Hartman writes:

This week’s best resides in the delightful and engaging Coffee Shop Artists by Richard Marcus.

Film Editor Erin McMaster chose:

The First Blush of Love – A True Story by Joan Hunt
A beautifully written story about first love that anyone can identify with. Haunting and touching, this story is a must read for anyone with a heart.


Politics Editor Dave Nalle chose:

Democrats Key to Success: The Spiritual Left by JP
An intriguing take on political strategy for the Democrats, suggesting that they court their own religious elements to strengthen their appeal in imitation of the Republicans.

How To Spend “The Advanced Energy Initiative” and “The American Competitiveness Initiative” by Brian Sorrell
A timely look at the new energy concervation incentives and their impacts for the public consumer. A good article which didn’t get the attention it deserved.

Asst. Politics Editor Mark Schannon chose:

Senate Democrats Never Miss An Opportunity to Miss An Opportunity by Steven Hart
Powerful attack on Senate Democrats for failure to show any backbone on Feingold’s censure motion.

Iran: Is Ahmadinejad’s Magic Carpet Flying off Course? Reports of Alienated Elites and School Riots by Ruvy in Jerusalem
Pulling back the curtain in Iran to reveal some of the discord that lies behind.


Sports Editor Matthew T. Sussman chose:

Fantasy Baseball: Be Gentle, I’m New Here by Chris Beaumont
He thought he could get away by just writing TV reviews on Blogcritics. Nuh-uh. The sweet science of following baseball statistics online has hooked yet another unsuspecting victim. Now you’re one of us.


Gaming Editor Ken Edwards chose:

Interview: Marc Ecko — Responding to “Gamers Are Pissy” by Matt Paprocki
Marc Ecko discusses his comments, the game, the press reaction, controversy, and his own gaming history in this Blogcritics exclusive.

PC Game Review: The Chronicles of Riddick – Escape From Butcher’s Bay (Developer’s Cut) by Scott C. Smith
One of the best Xbox games ever is even better when played on the PC. Not only that, this game has commentary from the developer.

PC Game Reviews Myth and Myth II by Deano
If you have never tossed explosives on massed Mauls, or peppered a wight with arrows to watch the landscape-distorting explosion, pick up a copy.


Sci/Tech Editor Lisa McKay chose:

The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Still Awaits Rediscovery by Nuthatch
In this well-informed piece, Nuthatch explains why any welcome back parties in honor of this splendid bird may have been premature.

Website Review: House M.D. Guide by Amrita Rajan
If you don’t watch House already, Amrita’s entertaining review of this site will make you want to, just so you can go there and read about it.

Picked by last week’s chosen authors:

Scott Butki chose:

Johnny Cash: Johnny, I Hardly Knew You by Richard Marcus
He captured perfectly the feelings I think many of his fans have, like we wish we knew him better and longer and miss him greatly. A real tour de force.[ADBLOCKHERE]

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