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The best of the week past, Viva Las Vegas edition!

Blogcritics Editors’ Picks: August 9 through August 15

Business was anything but usual this past week, as a group of BC editors rendezvoused in Las Vegas and a group stayed behind to mind the store. While some of us took in the sights of Sin City, Blogcritics the world over did what they always do — they wrote about absolutely everything under the sun. Here's the best of it! 

Let me remind those of you who are chosen that you are invited to submit your own pick for next week (due to space considerations, please limit it to one). Please feel free to email me your picks (including the URL) by next Tuesday.


From Music Editor Connie Phillips:

Mat Brewster's look at glam or hair metal with his Music Review: Poison 20th Anniversary Reissues "ain't nothing but a good time" and is well worth the read.

In CD Review: The Cure – The Top (Deluxe Reissue) Timothy Jarret examines the album in question while putting it in perspective with the rest of the band's releases.

From Asst. Music Editor A.L. Harper: 

Big Geez fixes us up a mess of greens tells us how Pokeweed Inspired A Classic Blues Song, and then goes from collard greens to greenbacks when he helps you to Rediscover The Music Of James Bond.

Richard Marcus gives us some insight into the relationship between fathers and sons with his review of The Torch by Ronnie Baker Brooks.

From Editor DJRadiohead:

Mark Sahm has added a sidekick to his "Best on the 'net" podcast Magic Junk Radio.

The vacationing Mark Saleski turned in some great reviews. His Muse review was one of my favorites.


From Books Editor Natalie Bennett:

A highly topical subject, an author easily in the American Giant class: but does it live up to the billing? Tim Gebhart reviews Terrorist by John Updike with critical sensitivity, concluding that "Despite Updike's attention to detail, Ahmad never really comes off as real."

Then for a tastier text, Bonnie reviews Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl. Probably not one to read when you're hungry, for Bonnie's review is as tasty as the book sounds.

From Film Editor Erin McMaster:

I'm not normally into books with mythical beings in them, but Anna Creech made In The Company of Ogres seem interesting without coming off as a crazed fan.


From Film Editor Erin McMaster:

Pat Evans
takes a great look at Killer Klowns From Outer Space and even explains why the likes of Troma Trash and cult classics are good for every film buff.

With all of her spoiler goodness written so well, how can you pick just one of Jackie's
Big Brother Live Feed updates? Eeny, meeny, miney, moe…



From Culture Editor Diana Hartman:

Expanded horizons, quickened paces, and many a surge of adrenaline: It's all here in the action-packed travels of Jared Wright and Kerry as they traverse through New York City's streets in Seeing Eye: The Big Apple.       

From Editor DJRadiohead:

Another excellent installment of The Mondo Mugwump Letters from The Duke De Mondo and Aaron Fleming.

From Film Editor Erin McMaster:

Jared Wright's trip to The Big Apple helps those of us with sight realize just how much we take for granted when traveling in big cities.  



From Politics Editor Dave Nalle:

Israel, The Left, And History Don't Mix by Richard Marcus

How to Turn a Red State Blue by Staci Schoff

From Asst. Politics Editor Mark Schannon:

Execution Date Could Present South Dakotans With Philosophical Quandry by Tim Gebhart is an excellent example of the contradictions inherent in being for capital punishment and against abortion.

British Muslims Wrong Answer by Al Barger is a pointed challenge to the British Muslims to take a firm stance against terrorism rather than attack British policies.

Peace in Our Time: History Repeats Itself As A Farce by Apollo. Appeasing the Nazis didn't work; appeasing Arab terrorist and terrorist states won't work either.

News Analysis from Israel: Mr. Olmert's Little War and the Winds of Change by Ruvy in Jerusalem is a detailed and provocative examination of conditions inside Israel and the politics of war.


From Sports Editor Matthew T. Sussman:

The All-Haiku Top-10 College Football Poll by Sal Marinello

"True, Sal likes football But his poetic talents Took us all by storm"


Why Gaming is Serious Business by Joey Alarilla The death of E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) as we know it notwithstanding, the future is bright for gaming.

Video Game Industry in New Fight: Rockstar’s Bully May Have T Rating by Matt Paprocki Could the industry be heading for a PR disaster because of the ESRB?

PS2 Review: Real World Golf by Aaron Auzins An entertaining and less-frustrating take on realistic golfing. Matt also reviewed this game.


From Executive Producer Eric Berlin:

John Guilfoil turns in damned fine work with Fox + MySpace + Google = $$$, which adds up the ones and twos of the deals and wheels between the current tech-media heavyweights. The sum, we learn, is mega-billions.

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