Sunday , January 24 2021

Glen Boyd

Glen Boyd is the author of Neil Young FAQ, released in May 2012 by Backbeat Books/Hal Leonard Publishing. He is a former BC Music Editor and current contributor, whose work has also appeared in SPIN, Ultimate Classic Rock, The Rocket, The Source and other publications. You can read more of Glen's work at the official Neil Young FAQ site. Follow Glen on Twitter and on Facebook.

3D TV without glasses

With 3D enjoying an unprecedented popular resurgence — thanks to movies like James Cameron’s Avatar, and recent breakthroughs in home 3D technology like 3D TV, 3D Blu-ray, and even 3D Gaming systems like the Nintendo 3DS — there is still one rather glaring downside to the revolution. For many people, …

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3D Blu Ray

3D Blu Ray is the 3D technology allowing movies to be viewed in glorious 3D on home entertainment systems. To begin enjoying 3D movies in the comfort of your living room, you will need two pieces of equipment. 3D TVs are the first piece of the puzzle. Although configured only …

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3D glasses

3D glasses aren’t just for the movies (or the eighties new wave band Devo) anymore. With 3D technology increasingly making its way into the home due to the recent rise in popularity of 3D TVs and 3D gaming systems like the Nintendo 3DS, these multi-colored glasses are becoming more a …

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3D TVs

3D TVs are the logical next step on the evolutionary scale of home entertainment. 3D TVs combine the sharper resolution of high definition (HD) TV, with the technological advances in 3D imagery most recently seen in movies like Avatar and on 3D gaming systems like the Nintendo 3DS. As is …

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Nintendo 3DS games

Nintendo 3DS games are 3D games designed for the 3D gaming platform, Nintendo 3DS. As one of the earliest companies to jump on the rapidly exploding 3D Games bandwagon, it would seem that Nintendo has decided to go all in. The impressive (and constantly growing) list of Nintendo 3DS game …

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mobile 3D games

Mobile 3D games are video games played on a mobile 3D gaming platform like the Nintendo 3DS. With a growing list of over thirty mobile 3D game titles like Madden NFL Football, Zelda: Ocarina Of Time and Resident Evil: The Mercenaries already available for Nintendo 3DS, rumored partnerships with movie …

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3D games

With all of the recent hype over 3D movies like James Cameron’s Avatar, it only stands to reason that the rise of 3D games would inevitably follow. 3D games go far beyond being merely a new type of interactive experience for the seasoned gamer. With three dimensional imagery that in …

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