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Nintendo 3DS games

Nintendo 3DS games are 3D games designed for the 3D gaming platform, Nintendo 3DS.

As one of the earliest companies to jump on the rapidly exploding 3D Games bandwagon, it would seem that Nintendo has decided to go all in. The impressive (and constantly growing) list of Nintendo 3DS game titles includes everything from the classics like Mario Kart and Madden NFL Football to shooters like Resident Evil: The Mercenaries and Splinter Cell 3D. There is a little something here for everybody.

The Nintendo 3DS system is a breakthrough in 3D game technology because it provides spectacular 3D images without the need for special glasses. A 3D Depth Slider device also allows the user to adjust the intensity of the 3D experience according to his or her own personal preferences. It also features its own built-in software, spectacular graphics and wireless connectivity.

You’ll find bloggers discussing Nintendo 3DS games at sites like and Penny Arcade.

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