Monday , March 8 2021

Glen Boyd

Glen Boyd is the author of Neil Young FAQ, released in May 2012 by Backbeat Books/Hal Leonard Publishing. He is a former BC Music Editor and current contributor, whose work has also appeared in SPIN, Ultimate Classic Rock, The Rocket, The Source and other publications. You can read more of Glen's work at the official Neil Young FAQ site. Follow Glen on Twitter and on Facebook.


Grunge is a rock n' roll sub-genre that rose out of Seattle to gain worldwide prominence during the nineties. A hybrid mix of heavy metal and punk rock, grunge is characterized as much by its sense of anti-fashion as it is by the music itself. Bands like Soundgarden became known …

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New Wave

New Wave is a rock n' roll sub-genre that gained popularity in the late 1970s and early 1980's, due largely to its heavy presence in videos shown on MTV. First perceived as a slightly safer, more watered-down version of punk rock, the earliest New Wave practitioners were a rag-tag bunch …

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Punk Rock

Nobody said it would last, but Punk Rock continues to thrive some thirty years after its modern-day origins in 1970s New York City. Although its actual date and place of birth is often debated, most would probably point to clubs like CBGBs and Max's Kansas City and the bands who …

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Glam Rock

Glam Rock (or glitter rock) is a rock n' roll sub-genre that began in the post-psychedelic rock hippie hangover of the early 1970s. Characterized primarily by the gender-bending androgyny of artists like Alice Cooper, T. Rex, and David Bowie, the music was a stripped down, back to basics version of …

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Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds is the highly anticipated new movie from director Quentin Tarantino starring Brad Pitt. In addition to Pitt, Inglourious Basterds sports an all-star cast including Diane Kruger, Mike Myers, Eli Roth, Samuel L. Jackson and others. Set during World War II, Inglourious Basterds follows a group of Jewish-American soldiers …

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