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3D glasses

3D glasses aren’t just for the movies (or the eighties new wave band Devo) anymore. With 3D technology increasingly making its way into the home due to the recent rise in popularity of 3D TVs and 3D gaming systems like the Nintendo 3DS, these multi-colored glasses are becoming more a part of the entertainment landscape than ever before.

Until recently, 3D glasses have often been looked upon as a nostalgic reminder of simpler times. Who hasn’t seen at least one old movie reel from the fifties showing a theater full of moviegoers wearing the goofy blue and red eye gear? However, the 3D fad that seemed to peter out for good in the eighties, has now come roaring back to life thanks to movies like James Cameron’s blockbuster Avatar.

3D technology has likewise come quite a long way from those Devo glasses as well. 3D glasses today come with a variety of options, including LCD active shutter or passive 3D glasses.

You’ll find bloggers talking about a future so bright they have to wear 3D glasses at sites like Optician Online, and How Stuff Works.

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