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The judges chose to use their save for the season, and two contestants will be eliminated next week.

American Idol: Surprising Results Lead To A Shocking Judges’ Save

The American Idol results this week were not what I was expecting at all. However, I should have seen what happened coming from a mile away based on Ryan Seacrest saying at the top of the show that there would be "shocking results."

The first performance from the night came from the Top Nine, who lip synced their way through a Lennon/McCartney medley. I can't wait until they get narrowed down to Top Six/Top Five and start doing the medleys live. The lip syncing is just ridiculous. Also, did anyone else notice that the contestants were all wearing the same color scheme tonight. It reminded me of season seven during the Top 24, when they all semi-matched as well for 60's Week.

Next Ryan pulled Crystal Bowersox, Siobhan Magnus and Katie Stevens to the center of the stage. Ryan let Crystal know that she was safe right off the bat and sent her back to the couches. He then let the other girls know they were safe. We now knew that it would be one of the six remaining guys that would be heading home this week. Katie is safe this week, color me shocked. (Dang, I totally lost points in my Idol pool.)

The first guest performer was Jason Derulo, who looked as if he had raided Adam Lambert's closet before hitting the stage. Jason is an artist that Kara DioGuardi has signed and I am sure was there to show that she's capable of finding actual talented singers. He ends his performance with a Michael Jackson pose on his tip toes. Child, please.

The next guest performer on Idol, was the season seven runner-up, David Archuleta. (Woooooooo!) Archie was back reprising one of his most popular performances from his season, "Imagine." My, my how Archie has grown up. Sitting center stage at the piano, he out sang the entire crop of season nine contestants.

After Archie's performance, Ryan split the guys into two groups. In the first group was Lee Dewyze, Casey James and Tim Urban. In the second group was Mike Lynche, Aaron Kelly and Andrew Garcia. Ryan revealed that the first group, Lee, Casey and Tim were all safe and would return to the competition next week. Which means the bottom three is Big Mike, Aaron and Andrew. Aaron is sent back to safety, leaving sour faced Big Mike and Andrew.

The final guest performer of the night was Rihanna, who was there to let the audience know that tickets to her summer tour go on sale this weekend. She also performed her latest single, "Rockstar 101." Whether she was singing live, well, that's another story. She looked fierce and I bought the song off of iTunes. She did her job.

After the break it was time to get down to business concerning Big Mike and Andrew. Big Mike looked so upset, like he knew what was going to happen. Ryan then announced that the contestant that was returning next week was going to be Andrew.

I have to say it. Big Mike performed a song David Cook had previously performed. Probably not the best idea in the world. Being announced that he would be singing for the "Judges' Save" is the result of taking on a song that should have been left untouched in the first place.

Big Mike chose to reprise his performance of "A Woman's Work." The judges deliberated during his performance. This continues to annoy me. Why don't they have the contestant sing, and then deliberate during the commercial break. If I was a judge on Idol, I would be paying attention during the contestant's performance. They deserve the attention, they are singing for their livelihood and a chance at a singing career on Idol. So after the two minute deliberation, Simon Cowell said that the decision was unanimous, and that they would be seeing him again next week.

Are You Kidding Me?

I honestly think saving Big Mike is a waste of a "Judges' Save" this season. Idol has yet to reveal the theme for next week, and that makes me uneasy for the contestants, because now next week two of them will be eliminated. The only good thing that hopefully results from the save is the possible demise of Tim Urban.

Also, I was really let down by reaction of Big Mike's save from the other Idols. Compared to when Matt Giraud was saved last season, it felt like they could care less. Which actually may be the right way to think, because now the pressure is on to not be one of the two upcoming eliminations.

On the bright side, two eliminations next week, plus Adam Lambert as the guest mentor should bring an interesting performance show. I really hope that the contestants are ready to bring it. With the "Judges' Save" out of play now, the performances next week are going to have to be top notch.

What did you think of the guest performers tonight? What did you think of the bottom three? And are you happy that the judges chose to use their save on Big Mike?

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