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With Crystal Bowersox being the last female contestant standing, can the front runner still be the next American Idol?

American Idol: It’s Still The Season of The Female Winner, Right?

This week on American Idol, we said goodbye to Siobhan Magnus. I was so shocked when she was eliminated, because for one thing, I had her pegged to go out around the Top Three. I just don't understand what is going on with the voting this year. You have Mike Lynche, Casey James, and Siobhan in the bottom three. Not that I don't agree with that bottom three, I just had someone else in mind to go home this week.

I am pretty bummed out that Siobhan was eliminated, because I really wanted to see her make a "comeback," if you will. I think with her performance this week, she was making strides. (Yes, even with the scream-a-palooza going on at the end of her song.) Also, next week the Idols are singing the music of Frank Sinatra, and I think Siobhan would have been able to step up and show why she should be in this competition.

I do think if the judges hadn't thrown away the save on Mike a few weeks ago that they would have more than likely used the save tonight on Siobhan. They still had time to use it. The elimination of Siobhan totally sucked the last of any personality that this season had and needed to be at least somewhat entertaining.

This was supposed to be the season of the female winner. We are now down to the last female being Crystal Bowersox. She has been the front runner all season long, which should in the end mean that she will be the season nine winner of Idol. However, can anyone remember the last time a front runner actually won?

In season six, Melinda Doolittle was ousted during the Top Three. During season seven, David Archuleta was the runner-up to David Cook and last year Adam Lambert was the runner-up to Kris Allen. Front runners have continued to fall short, and I believe that it has to do with voter complacency. All that aside, I still think that Crystal can win.

There's talk that if Crystal is in the Final Two with Lee Dewyze he may be able to pull off quite the upset. Due to the demographic of voters (hey, females, hey!) who willed David Cook and Kris Allen to pull off upsets in their respective seasons, this could be a possibility. So, how can Crystal still win? Vote for her. It's really that simple. Yes, Lee seems to be getting cuter every week, but on the flip side, week-to-week Crystal has been consistently good in all of her performances. Lee has been slowly coming into his own, yet still struggles with pitch problems. Plus, it's ridiculous to think that Lee will win, because his style is similar to David Cook's and Kris Allen's. He's nowhere near in the same league as those two. They have talent, personality, and charisma on their side. Lee's stage presence is still leaves something to be desired.


Now don't get me wrong, I am a huge supporter of Lee, but this season I am ready for some change. And I think the vibe Crystal has brought to the show this season is welcome, and if and when it comes down to Crystal and most probably Lee in the Final Two, don't be complacent. Vote for Crystal to win. (And this goes for any contestant that you want to stay in the competition, but for the sake of topic at hand, I'm talking about Crystal.) If she's going to pull out the win, the fans are going to have to continue to vote. I guess what I am trying to say is don't count out Crystal, yet. I really think she has a solid chance to still win. There's no reason for Idol to become a boy's club.

What Crystal needs to do on her part is stop with the backtalk to the judges during her critiques, embrace upbeat and contemporary music when the theme allows it, and I believe her fan base will push her through to become the next American Idol.

What did you think about Siobhan's elimination? Do you wish the judges hadn't already used their save? And do you think Crystal still has what it takes to be the last contestant standing?

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