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Daughtry and Fantasia return to perform, and an unlikely Idol contestant advances into the Top Three.

American Idol: Here’s To You, Mrs. Robinson

I seriously cannot believe that we are down to the Top Three on American Idol already. And I really can't believe who made the Top Three. My brain has not fully grasped the results from last night. But, before we get to the results, two former Idol contestants and one of the greatest rock bands hit the Idol stage.

Season three Idol winner, Fantasia performed her new single, "Bittersweet." Now, I have never been a huge fan of Fantasia's, but I really like this song. Although, the speaking part in the middle of it seems rather ridiculous. I thought her performance went rather well.

Daughtry performed their latest single, "September" mid-way through the show. Fantastic song, I just love Chris Daughtry's voice. I found it rather amusing that Chris was performing during the Top Four results, since that was the same week he was eliminated about four years ago. I really liked his advice for the Idols to "stay hungry."

I am hoping that the Idols took something from the two former contestants and realize that this show is a big deal and they need to step it up. Chris didn't even win during his season and now he's in one of today's biggest rock bands. It's all about seizing the opportunity, and I hope the contestants realize that.

Rounding out the performances was one of my very favorite bands, Bon Jovi, who performed their latest single, "Superman Tonight." A little part of me hoped that they would perform "Blaze of Glory," since it was "Songs of the Cinema" week. Their performance sounded really good, right up until the chorus, where Richie Sambora's voice started to drown out Jon Bon Jovi's. Not entirely ideal. it was like the sound mix hadn't been completely worked out before going out on stage. However, it was an enjoyable performance. (Is my complete and total bias s/love for this band showing?)

 Ryan Seacrest during the broadcast talked to the contestants about going home for their hometown visits when they make it into the Top Three. Idol then rolled out a video looking back at previous hometown visits.

home 4 @ Yahoo! Video


After the video, Lee Dewyze said, "I want that to be me," when Ryan asked him what he thought about the video. Speaking of Lee answering questions, he needs some media training, stat. Don't get me wrong, I adore Lee, but he tends to ramble, he just needs to learn how to answer questions while being clear and concise.

The results this week were not entirely shocking. Lee and Crystal Bowersox have been the two front runners for weeks now. Their duet on Tuesday definitely saved Lee from a slim elimination possibility. You knew it was going to come down to either Casey James or Mike Lynche being eliminated. I just wish Idol would have announced the results a little bit differently, so there would have been that element of surprise, especially when Ryan announced that Casey would moving on to the Top Three before Lee or Crystal.

Yes, you read that correctly, Casey is moving onto the Top Three. His lamb-like vibrato made it through to what will more than likely be his last week in the competition. Congrats to the "Cougars For Casey" for making this all possible. Great work. Maybe he will strip at the finale in gratitude? (I almost prefer that over his singing.)

 It was no surprise that when it came down to Mike and Crystal at the end that Mike was eliminated. For me, Mike had overstayed his welcome on the show. I really would have liked to have seen Siobhan in the Top Three. I seriously cannot wrap my mind around the idea, let alone the fact that Casey has made the Top Three. As if this season wasn't already a huge joke in comparison to past seasons.

Our Top Three for next week is Lee, Crystal and Casey. What are your thoughts on the results?

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