Sunday , December 10 2023
19 Entertainment confirmed with Entertainment Weekly that Adam Lambert will be the Top Eight's mentor. Cue my jumping for joy!

American Idol: Adam Lambert Is Coming To Save Season Nine

Rumors started floating around the internet this morning about a certain season eight runner-up mentoring next week on American Idol. Entertainment Weekly received confirmation that the one and only Adam Lambert will be Top Eight's mentor on the April 13 performance show.
Adam Lambert.
Can I get an "amen"? This is exactly what needed to happen. I think a former contestant that took risks throughout his entire season, whether the audience liked it or not is the swift kick in the butt this season needs.

Am I expecting Adam to be a miracle worker? Not at all. And we won't know until after the results show this week who all Adam will be working with.

Do I wish an Idol winner was returning to be a mentor? Of course. I really wish they would have Kelly Clarkson come back and mentor at some point, but out of all the past runner-ups, I think Adam is the best possible choice. He has been an Idol contestant, he has dealt with three out of the four judges on the panel, he knows how to mix it up and do something unexpected and I think he will be able to give the contestants legit constructive criticism.

Last season, I would not label myself an Adam fan. I was definitely not an early adapter. I finally came around during the Final Two. Better late than never, right? When I saw Adam during the summer tour and heard him sing live, I was quite impressed. He can certainly put on a show. And it is things like showmanship that this season really needs to work on. Adam didn't rely on a musical instrument at any point last season, which goes to show that the contestants can get to the end without hiding behind a guitar. (Are you paying attention, Casey James?)

I am very curious to know what next week's theme is going to be. I hope Idol doesn't do something ridiculous and make it like "Theater Week." I actually hope the theme is somewhere along the lines of a rock-themed week, because I think that would kick some of the contestants out of their comfort zones, and I think Adam would have a lot of fun mentoring the them in a theme he excelled in last season.

In short, I'm very excited about Adam's return as a mentor. Idol needed to do something that would help and hopefully enhance the contestant's performances. I think Adam is the right Idol alum to take on this challenge.

What do you think about Adam Lambert returning to Idol as a mentor? What other former  contestants would you to see return as mentors in the future?

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