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Book Review: ‘Notes to my Daughter’ by David A. Dixon


A helpful and encouraging guide for any young woman as she embarks on the journey of life. Read More »

Utah’s Push to Protect Unwed Fathers


A mother can go to Utah to give birth and essentially nix the rights of a father who wants a say in whether the baby will be put up for adoption. Read More »

Book Review: The Weight of Memory by Jennifer Paddock

An engaging women's novel about the burden of memory and moving on. Read More »

TV Review: How I Met Your Mother – “Tailgating”

How I Met Your Mother returns with a solid episode, embracing the themes that are currently working for it. Read More »

Movie Review: Fireflies in the Garden

You’ll be reminded you’re alive, and you’ll remember why. Read More »

Book Review: Promises to Keep by Ann Tatlock

Is there anything Roz won’t do to help her family get back together again? Read More »

Between Hell and Hope

Remember: whatever it is, it's only temporary. Read More »

Be Your Children’s Father, Not Their Friend

Friends don’t tell each other to grow up, tell the truth, go to church, act like a man, behave, study, work. That's the role of a dad. Read More »

Father to Father: Life Lessons on Raising a Dad

Why would men rather walk on hot coals than share their feelings with other men about raising kids? Read More »

A $100 Billion Burden

Mothers on public assistance are often treated as if their children were the product of asexual reproduction. Read More »