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Theater Review (San Antonio): ‘Peter Pan’ at the Woodlawn Theatre

Chase Taylor, Kate Ragan, Zac Taylor, Carlye Gossen and Joshua Goldberg in 'Peter Pan' at the Woodlawn Theatre

Magic is literally in the air at the Woodlawn this holiday season with its terrific production of the beloved Broadway musical. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC-Off Broadway): Ingmar Bergman’s ‘Nora,’ Directed by Austin Pendleton

Andrea Cirie, Jean Lichty, George Morfogen, NORA, Cherry Lane Theatre, Austin Pendleton

Of what worth is a marriage, if its foundation is based on social pretensions and it is kept "alive" with hypocrisy and lies? Read More »

Theater Review (NYC Off-Broadway): ‘Promising’ Starring Jake Robards

PROMISING, Jolie Curtsinger, Jake Robards, The Beckett Theatre at Theatre Row

When sexual abuse allegations are brought against a promising political candidate, a fire storm erupts. As questions deepen and Social Media fuels the flames, his own campaign team unravels under the tensions of the growing crisis. Read More »

Theatre Review (Singapore): ‘Ghost the Musical’

ghost the musical

Great voices and staging but uninspired acting and unmemorable songs make this production a mixed bag. Read More »

Theatre Review (Singapore): ‘Totem’ by Cirque du Soleil

cirque du soleil totem

'Totem'is a story about man's relationship with nature, as well as with the flora and fauna around us. As with most Cirque du Soleil productions, there isn't a solid narrative, which some might find problematic if you're looking for a logical plot. Rather, imagery and connotative stories take centre stage. Read More »

Interview: Neelanthi Vadivel, Artistic Director of Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Totem’

cirque du soleil totem

'Totem' is a non-chronological journey through man’s evolution from swamp creature to cosmonaut. Read More »

Theatre Review (Singapore): ‘Battlefield’ by Peter Brook

battlefield peter brook

For a modern theatrical audience who goes to the theatre to be entertained by a story rather than by a message, 'Battlefield' isn't going to satisfy easily. On the other hand, if you are someone who goes to the theatre to marvel at the language and meaning found in dialogue, this is a play you shouldn't miss. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC): ‘The Astronaut Love Show’ – a New Musical by Fred Sauter and Paul Leschen

astronaut love show

Despite some narrative weakness, this new musical from the writers of 'Bedbugs!!!' is well worth seeing for its great music, wacky (true) stories, and fabulous cast. Read More »

Theater Review (San Antonio): ‘Pinocchio,’ Created by Teatro Del Drago

Pinoochio AtticRep

The centuries-old traveling show is brought to life in a charming production at San Antonio's AtticRep. Read More »

Theater Review (Seattle): ‘My Mañana Comes’ by Elizabeth Irwin at ArtsWest

Tyler Trerise (Peter), Joshua Chessin-Yudin (Whalid), Chris Rodriguez (Pepe) and Santino Garcia (Jorge). Photo by Michael Brunk /

Naturalism gives way to contrived plot mechanics in Elizabeth Irwin's play. Read More »