Wednesday , June 29 2022
No queues, no bad coffee, and no sore feet - but it is all here...

Welcome to the Book Fair!

Welcome to the fair! It might not officially start until October 3, but the first (that I know of anyway) online book fair is already open, if not for business, as least for sneak previews. The stalls are set up, the bunting is laid, all that it awaits are the authors, reviewers and the crowds.

Run by FSB Associates, there are many of the same features that you might expect were you to visit your local hall for a similar celebration of the written word. There are to be:

  • Hourly book giveaways
  • Daily guest bloggers page to showcase participating bloggers (which will include Blogcritics' writers).
  • "Book group" giveaways – so your regular gathering can get a set of free copies and a one-hour phone session with the author.
  • Podcast interview features with authors including Mitch Albom, Joan Didion, Dean Koontz, Alan Alda, Morgan Spurlock, Jed Rubenfeld, Jennifer Egan and Thomas L. Friedman.
  • Author-contributed articles and book recommendations, including by Robin Smith, Alan Alda and Frances Mayes
  • Publishers' exhibits introducing their top fall titles.
  • But unlike your usual book fair, there will be no long queues to meet your favourite author, no tepid cups of coffee in styrofoam cups, and no sore feet — it is all there in front of your favourite chair.

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