Wednesday , February 21 2024
AC/DC wins their FIRST career Grammy...

Verse Chorus Verse: AC/DC – “War Machine”

Welcome to my Stella McCartney moment in which I proudly declare, "About Fucking Time!"  Okay, so it's not my dad who's been honored for anything but can you believe AC/DC won the first Grammy of their career tonight?  Equally remarkable is that they didn't get their first nomination until 1991 with The Razors Edge.

So their song "War Machine" from their Black Ice record won Best Hard Rock Performance, besting Metallica, Linkin Park and Alice in Chains and I can't help but saying, well, it's about fucking time.  Now make no mistake, "War Machine" wasn't the best Hard Rock song of this past year.  It wasn't even the best song on Black Ice.  I don't know why this matters to me but it does.

The Grammys would mean a lot more if they actually did what they're supposed to and honor the best music in any given year, but I can't bring myself to declare them wholly irrelevant.  I want the Grammys to matter.  I don't like many of the trends I see in the music business.  I feel like music as art is a concept that is eroding in pop culture.  I don't care if my favorites are everybody else's favorites, but I don't want to live in a world where music doesn't matter and some days it feels we're heading that way.  The Grammys could do something about that.

In addition to (allegedly) honoring the best music of a given year, the Grammys function as something of a historian.  When we look back on the careers of the great artists, we should be able to note they were Grammy-winners in addition to whatever other accomplishments they amassed.  Attention must be paid.  AC/DC can now finally be called Grammy-award winners.  About fucking time.

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